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Best Productivity Techniques

We all know in today's world Being Productive is a BIG DEAL & If we are not then there is a high probability that we might never achieve what we want in our life. For information do you know Lack of productivity could stop you from making that high income which you want to earn at any cost?

 Not only does it impact negatively on financial terms but also in your private life as well. Poor growth could snatch away your chances of living a happy life with all the mental fatigue you will be going through because of low earnings & difficult relationships. Ask me what relationships have to do with productivity? 

The answer is simple, lower-income & high level of stress factor could make you vulnerable to all the things that can harm you, you get easily distracted & the most common thing that can take place in such a situation is a turbulent private life where you lose friends, break-ups, marriages run into complete disasters, professional life hits the dead end when you are seen as reliability or even worse moment could arrive when you see your name in the list of fired employees. 

So we could see how this simple term productivity could change your life like no other thing in either way negative or positive based upon whether you are dedicated enough to choose to be productive.

But wait how can you be productive in everyday life?
Is there any special secret to have this ever-important productivity or some unknown recipe that is hidden & only the great leaders know it? 

After going through 100s of articles & research papers based on soul topic "Productivity", I have compiled a list of strategies that anyone could use to change their life instantly once they start following these steps. You will feel the difference from the very first day when you start practising them  so now let's get into them straight away 

1) Proper Nutrition is the key

 I mean this is completely basic but so powerful in your quest to be productive that is consuming right food, Healthy fats are essential, moderate proteins and complex carbs can certainly keep your body & mind satisfied for a long period of time. practising Intermittent Fasting will also be beneficial as it can keep you alert and energised throughout the day.

You don't have to follow a gym diet routine but simply a healthy eating plan that makes you feel energized & active.

2) Use of technology to assist/guide yourself

Well I am not so tech savvy kind of person but recently I have come across certain apps/websites that help in time management, keeping records, staying active,  reminding our special events in the coming days & much much more  (I believe you have seen them in the google play store or IOS app store). I cannot say for sure whether they will be effective 100% as nothing can be that efficient but nonetheless, they are a great way to start on & increase our daily growth. such tools include MindMeister: Online Mind Mapping and Brainstorming for mind mapping.

3) Taking power naps

 Taking a nap even if it is as low as 10 minutes can completely reset your brain which then allows you to think clearly. This is, in fact, one of the most productive habits that one can develop & reap its rewards for many many years.

REMEMBER lack of sleep brings many psychological & physical problems & one of the primary causes of many dangerous diseases so it is very much advisable that one must take good rest if you wish to be productive.

4) Meditate

 Taking deep breaths makes us calm. It helps clear our minds and improves our focus and concentration which is key for us to accomplish any task in an efficient manner. It is not just about enhancing concentration levels but you should know that it also helps in relaxing & releasing all the physical stress that leads to exhaustion.

5) Making sure you know what's your goal

Only by doing this, you can develop the quiet confidence that Iconic Seneca called euthymia which about The belief that you’re on the ethically right path and not led astray by the many tracks which cross yours of people who are hopelessly lost.

This is one important step in your life that you know your goals otherwise, How else will you know when you’ve had enough, when you’ve reached your goal, or when you’ve gotten off track?

Most of us find it super easy to work, work, work. We enjoy keeping ourselves busy. We work 9 to 5 & sometimes even more to achieve small victories—promotions, higher income, more recognition. But we don’t often stop to evaluate the meaning behind this busyness, behind these victories; we don’t ask ourselves if these things that we’re so focused on are the things that really matter.

If you don’t set goals, you will feel lost. We all need goals that provide us with the direction, focus and the peace of mind.

6) Don’t underestimate the power of habit

At the core of productivity lies a simple principle which is kind of ignored by many of us the though most of already know it & that is the power of habit. Habits are processes which are continuously operating in the background that power our lives. Good habits help us reach our goals whereas bad ones hinder our chances to become successful. Either way, habits powerfully influence our behaviour—and our outcomes.

Many high achieving people know about habits and their power.

Taking the example of Warren Buffett,  he credits many of his great investments to his incredible reading habit. He says he starts every morning by going through several newspapers and estimates that he spends around 80% of his day reading.

7) Stop multitasking 

Some might have this misconception (earlier I was having it too) that doing multiple works at the same time could make us more productive & hence become more efficient but after going through so many stats & reports it is fair enough to say multitasking could only degrade your work. There is no need to PANIC if you are facing a race against time to finish up multiple tasks. Do one at a time, finish it & move on to the next. This will help to keep a high quality of work.

If we take a general example,

When you are eating, only eat and do nothing else. You will be surprised that
Your total food intake is halved.
Time taken to complete meal is also halved.

8) Set a deadline for any task mentally

 If you want to complete a chapter, for example, Overview your task.
Set a mental timeframe, let's say within 3 hrs you are going to study the chapter or finish the pending office work or anything that you are thinking of doing but due to procrastination, you're unable to finish it.
The mind is a lot more productive when it can visualize the future and plan accordingly. But never plan for the whole week. The mind hates ‘over planning’. Have a broader plan and a nuclear plan. A nuclear plan always for the next job. Broader plans could be for a week, month or years.

9) Prioritise your tasks

First thing first. You wake with limited will power. In the early hours of the morning, you are all charged up and ready to take on any tasks that have the potential to make you happy, rich, healthy or whatever is that you desire.

So do those tasks first. If you mindlessly focus on mundane tasks like answering phone calls (unless its part of your main job), surfing Facebook or Internet, checking your mails, reading newspaper, gossiping with your colleague or friends or simply commuting you are wasting your precious hours.

10) Start a timer whenever you start working on something

 While I am writing this answer I have set a timer. Every time I get distracted like getting an urge to check my Facebook page or look at my phone or emails, I see the timer ticking off. I then get a sense that time is limited and should adhere to the deadline I have given myself. It's a recent practice and I can say it really really works.

11) Cut Distractions

 At this point of time in my life, I have figured writing and creating content is key for me. Writing requires a lot of mental clarity. Ideas simply don't start flowing. A lot of times I get stuck in the middle of writing an article or a paper which pushes me to start doing something else or get involved in browsing stuff on social media. It is a must that when you are doing a certain task then don't allow anything else to come in your way, prepare yourself mentally & finish your existing work before changing anything that ends up becoming an obstacle & prevents you from completing your job.

12) Reward yourself or restrict your self for motivations

 Punishment and reward work very well for the mind.
Want to eat that strawberry flavoured cake?  Make your mind work for it. Yes, you can eat that cake ONLY after finishing 20 problems or cleaning your whole house or after finishing those important assignments & etc.
Don’t allow yourself to get up from your seat unless you finish that one page left in essay homework etc.

13) 10% extra rule

 Yes, this is a very good productivity hack. It is a well-known fact that we always underestimate our abilities and capacity. Navy seals believe that people use only 40% of their actual ability at one go. I am only adding 10% more.

So can we think about what is the best way to kill the laziness?
Suppose you decided to write 10 pages, you can definitely write one more with some effort and heat of the moment. Please do it else who knows when your mood comes back to the same state again!

14) Prepare for the next day

 Planning your day the night before will add to your higher level of productivity. It’s the best time to carefully plan & pre-analyze your day and prioritize your tasks.

15) Complete your most feared task as the first thing in the morning

Whichever activity you are fearful of the most is the one you need to complete first thing in the morning. This will release all the stress that you might be going through in the last few hours. Ultimately you will be more CONFIDENT & RELAXED throughout the whole day.

These 15 Strategies if you follow them without hesitation then be assured because you are about to see magic happening & nobody yes nobody can stop you from getting the ULTIMATE success in your life. So keep grinding keep your sight firmly at the final goal you have set because of its there for you & you are the creator of your own destiny.

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