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One Plus Phones suddenly reboot and continue to show the One Plus logo? This is how you can FIX it

One Plus automatic reboot
One Plus Auto Reboot and stuck on the loading screen

So as you have visited this article I believe you are experiencing issues with your One Plus phone correct?

Has your phone suddenly entered reboot mode and then it continues to load the one Plus logo and you are thinking how to go past that screen?

It's very much possible that such cases are not limited to One Plus devices but other brand phones as well like Mi mobile phones etc.

So if you are observing these issues then there's a 90% chance that they could be fixed with few simple steps.

Unluckily the remaining 10% means it needs to be replaced or return to the seller from where the device was initially purchased because the issue is specifically related to software and not any hardware related problem therefore, the company needs to replace it.

Coming back to the FIX:

I am writing this from my personal experience where my One Plus 7T suddenly entered the reboot state and continue to show the One Plus logo and kept loading for approximately 30 minutes. I tried performing basic troubleshooting steps but everything went in vain as I was doing it WRONG.

What I am going to write is something very simple and most likely you have performed it in the past but most likely you haven't paid attention to one tiny step which decides the final outcome.

Whenever you experience a reboot or device startup issue, the best thing is to press the ON/OFF physical button present on the side of your device and the volume button. But wait is it all we have to do it solve the problem?

Actually, this is where the trick is. I pressed the LOWER volume button (down volume button) along with the power (ON/OFF) button at the same time for about 20 seconds multiple times. Well, it did nothing my phone was still showing the logo loading screen and after many attempts, I thought my phone is gone for good, either I have to wait till my phone battery reaches 0% or the worst - buy a new phone.

I completely forgot that I was pressing the down volume button all this time, so I decided to try one last time. This time I went with the combination of the Upper Volume button + power button.

One Plus reboot issue solution
The volume button

Guess what happened?

The device switched off. Next, I decided to wait for few seconds and then pressed the power button to switch on the phone. 

Was it a success?

Of course YES. My phone finally booted successfully without hanging on the logo loading screen. 

So the formula is UPPER volume button + Power button to switch off the device first, wait for 4-5 seconds and then press the power button to switch on successfully.

You may not see the result right away on your first attempt but on your next few attempts, it's sure to give you the ideal result :)

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