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Controlling your Mind is easy when you know this SECRET

We do have a lot going in our mind when we are awake but even when we are in rest or say sleeping then also, our mind continues to work & actually the brain, yes the brain which is the physical part whereas mind is related to that part of the brain which gives us the power to feel, dream or say the region which makes us sensible though we must remember it has no physical presence, becomes more efficient while we are sleeping . Of course, when you dream & other decisions that your brain must take for the proper functioning of different areas of your body, it is working tirelessly, no wonder why we need to be thankful for having such a gift. These things about our brain we don't really realize or do we?

It's no secret the importance of having a good mental state and a strong mind which simply makes us the person who we are today but how many of us could say that "we have complete control on our minds". Things like anger, depression, fear, ego, rash decisions are all sign of having mind going out of control, well I'm very sure nobody says "I'm angry because I want to be angry" or "I'm angry because I choose to be angry". Who wants to destroy his or her inner peace by doing things which only causes an imbalance & brings chaos in life?

Controlling mind is a challenge where many fail but when you achieve control over your mind, you assure yourself of becoming successful
Mind Control Quote by Frank McCourt
If we don't want anger, depression etc to become part of ourselves then why they come?  

The answer is simply because the mind, the emotional side is not taking the instructions that your body, the brain is providing which lead to all after-effects of not abiding by the laws just like not following traffic rules when you are in the road.

Now when we are aware of the situation that our mind is not in our control then we all must be having one common question "How to Control our Mind?" isn't it right. There will be many people advising different remedies to control emotions, to control the mind you need to do this & that but out of all those preventive measures or ways to cure this problem, which is the effective one that's something we all want know.

Here to answer this particular question, I would like to mention what is said in Yoga & you can also find them as "control your mind" quotes which are, "As is your mind so you are" and "As is your Breath so is your Mind".

Explaining those 2 lines quoted by yoga gurus, Your Mind is the reason for the person you are whereas Your Breathing is the reason for your State of Mind. Both the 2 statements are very much interrelated as we can observe the 2nd statement is actually the solution for the problem at 1st statement.

If our mind is restless, sad or depressed, what can resolve it is by having good breathing rate. Taking deep breaths allows your mind to have a spacing of enough time between multiple thoughts which makes you or let's say your mind to be more efficient at decision making. Deep Breaths is arguably one of the secrets that must be revealed to those people who want true self-control because to be alive, we breathe & to have control over our life we must control our breath.

There are many ways in yoga which teach you to control your rate of breathing which enables you to have better peace of mind & its benefits are quite endless. So if we talk about some yoga practices to achieve control over our breathing, Pranayama - One of the most well-known practices in yoga which is widely practised in the field of yoga due to its variety of benefits and potential to cure many harmful diseases, those things could be called added perks of immense value because our priority is to control our breath, by practice of pranayama it's not just your breath but entire body will be revitalized.

5 Must do yoga for beginners, Intermediates or Pro

It is almost guaranteed that these 5 which are primary yoga practices will cure most of your health problem

1. Bhastrika

Also known as breath of fire, this pranayama helps in igniting heat in the whole body along with providing balance over your breathing rate. To practice in this method, you have to engage your chest & lungs in order to achieve the desired results. Also one must take note that while practising this pranayama, the position of your head & expressions on your face must remain steady or constant. This could be perfect for your quick morning yoga routine.

The time period for Bhastrika:

For steady performance, 5 seconds should be given to inhale & another 5 seconds to exhale. 
For quick performance, 2.5 seconds should be given to inhale & 2.5 seconds for exhale

1 session length - 2 to 5 minutes


From the list of health benefits which are achieved through Bhastrika, here are some of the major advantages:

  • It provides an abundance of oxygen to the brain
  • Prevents or reduces anxiety & stress
  • Makes your immunity stronger

2. Kapalbhati Pranayama

This method is developed for over well being of the body. It removes toxic air from the internal system which helps in refilling the body with much needed fresh air. 

As per yoga experts, the practice of kapalbati will 

  • prevent the occurrence of kidney stone
  • strengthens human reproductive system & 

a number of positive impacts which helps you to be more active.

The primary engagement that is required in Kapalbhati is exhaling of air from your body at a quick rate.

3. Anulom Vilom pranayama

It is quoted that the practice of Anulom Vilom makes your mind sharp, removes stress & depression including reducing the chances of migraine problems. Another aspect of Anulom Vilom is that its highly effective in reducing Schizophrenia, preventing harmful thoughts from cluttering in your mind that enhances mental peace.

Other health problems that Anulom Vilom reduces are

  • high Blood Pressure
  • Gas or acidity
  • High Cholesterol

 It is said with only 5 minutes of this pranayama will help you immensely by channelizing energy within your body.

4. Bhramari Pranayama

This one focuses on the vibration produced very similar to bee vibration during the practice of OM where your mouth is closed and you cover your eyes with your fingers & your ears with the thumb, your focus comes in the centre of the two eyes which is little above the imaginary line joining the eyes.

Like all the pranayamas, it assures you some really stunning results. With the vibration produced throughout the body, it will have its impact and provides a rapid cure for tension & other mental issues. Also aspect great results in improving your overall confidence with its regular practice.

5. Udgeeth Pranayama

It is termed the simplest version of yoga practice with maximum benefits. The first thing is you need to sit in a particular relax posture. After that you will take deep breaths & exhale by chanting "OM", more focus is on "O" sound & less emphasis on "M".

Urgent pranayama like other ones helps in reducing & preventing serious diseases like 

  • heart disease
  •  mental disorder, 

Very effective in removing

  •  Insomnia 
  •  schizophrenia
  • epilepsy, body pain
  • internal infection &
  •  provides detoxification of the body.

All these 5 practices form the core of Yoga so if you manage to implement them in your daily life with each having practice duration of 2 to 5 minutes then you can certainly assure yourself of a healthy & strong peaceful mind.

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