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100 Quotes on how to build wealth based on REAL LIFE facts

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Quotes on Wealth & Success

Our life and how we live it based on some principle factors, these factors decide whether we are living the life we want or just having a life following others opinions, what others like & dislike and trying to imitate someone else which is basically trying to deceive yourself by moving away from the reality that only STOPS you from fulfilling your true potential.

One of the Most Important Factors in Life is Wealth. Now, many people will say that wealth is secondary & it is not the factor that could make you happy or give you satisfaction in life and YES that's true,  Having ONLY Enormous Wealth will make you One Dimensional. This is the reason I said 

Wealth is ONE OF THE FACTORS & NOT THE ONLY FACTOR to decide the quality of life. There are other areas like Relationships - social life, Health, you can also add Beliefs which makes you who you are as a person - All these are the factors that impact your life the most. 

We all want wealth and that's a good sign because wealth allows you to implement your goals & helps you to take action. Wealth is good because you could live the life you want, you could support yourself & your loved ones in a better way, Wealth provides you with the opportunity to convert those Imaginary thoughts which are in your mind & give them shape in real life, Most Importantly, Wealth could help you support those needy ones who are living in remote areas or they need someone to help them because of certain reasons. When you use your wealth to support another individual or maybe an entire community then the satisfaction you will get can't be expressed in words but could only be realised in the experience and its Simply One of the Best things you could do in this world.

So let's take a look at 100 quotes which are specifically related to How to build wealth based on Real Life facts shared by some of the best people who have been there & done that. Yes, you face the greatest adversities life throws at you but you stand up, you let your action do the talking & finally conquer what you want. 

Quotes by Dan Peña:

1. All Successful People have in common is they're hungry for a better life,  hungry for change,  hungry for the tough love that they never experienced before.

2. Growth only comes through pain.

3. The best advice for anyone who wants to be rich is by becoming a Motivated Seller who doesn't fear to Ask.

4. Never Afraid of Asking, doesn't matter how many times.

5. Running a business is good but what makes a difference is how to Buy a Business & How to Sell it - that decides how wealthy you will become.

6. All Successful men have this in Common - They work & sleep in their offices for the first 2 - 10 years

7.  Plan for both Good & Worst Case Scenario because it is guaranteed to help you.

8. Doesn't matter whether you are 15 or 50. Age is only a number, you become wealthy when are hungry for a better life.

9. You might have gone through great pain all your life till now but that only makes you the real deal to achieve the Ultimate Sucess what others could only dream of. 

10. when I was growing up and making money I invested 125 per cent of every penny that I made every year because I didn't want a backup plan. Failure, not an option.

11. Don't spend time on things which are never going to change.

12. We've got to be honest, moral and ethical those are three benchmarks.

13. You want to change the world? Go invent something that changes a billion lives, make a bunch of money and then save the world.

14. If you don't think money can buy happiness kids you don't know where to shop.

15. Find something that you really love doing, you will be rich.

16. Money is the only thing anybody keeps track of.

17. Adults in my mind have adult results.

18. Look in the mirror, most of you don't like what you see not just because you know you're too fat or
too skinny, bald but it's because you know what you could have been.

19. You want to be rich? Set your goals high & work, work and work until you reach there.

20. People who are the greatest, the disrupters who changed billions of lives - none of them has a work-life balance & you don't deserve it either. If you do then you will be in the comfort zone.

21. I fall asleep doing my prayers after affirmations because I don't want to fall asleep during my affirmations, if you do the prayers you got to believe it's something.

22. Dress well if you want to get money from banks dress like the president of your country.

23. Potentially there are two or three billionaires in any place given they make the necessary sacrifices

24. If you can potentially make a billion lives better, the odds have just gone geometrically up for you to become a billionaire.

25. You help other people to make money legally that's the deal.

26. It's easier to do 5 million than 500 thousand and it's easier to do 50 million than 5 million and then here to do 5 billion & so on. Same paperwork but you gotta have a big dream big ideas.

27. When I saw somebody that looked like a movie star walking in the room and people got quiet whether they were a movie star, not I knew he commanded the command presence that I wanted that's all I want.

28. Many of us don't want the opportunity, because we've been engaging in self-sabotaging activities so long it's become a way of life for us. 

29. I've always pushed myself to the next level of things. It's about bigger Vision

30. Model yourself on someone you really like who was there in the past & become one with your action in present.

31. Everything begins with Visualizing it. You must Dream before you Do & Achieve it.

32. There is no backup plan when your aim is to be Rich, Successful. Its the only plan & you're gonna do it doesn't matter where you sleep, how much you work. You will do it until you get it right. 

33. Today you making an excuse for your dress, your situation but you don't realise that it is only happening because you allowed it to happen.

34. It takes a lot of help for you to become someone, none of us can make it alone, none of us.

35. The whole concept of the self-made man or woman is a myth, I mean to credit every single person that has helped me to get here.

36. Do not to listen to the naysayers and decide to work as hard as its possible.

37. When you know how to use your weakness as your biggest asset, no one could stop you.

38. Be the best at what you do. There will be only one winner that is you.

39. First you need clarity in your thoughts, what you want to have a clear vision.

40. I always felt I was made for something special, something big, something unique & I followed my dreams.

41. You got to have a purpose in life no matter what you do.

42. Majority of people don't like their job because they didn't have any goal for themselves.

43. When people said It can't be done I heard it can be done when they said Its Impossible I said its possible, they said No I heard it Yes. 

44. It's all about the hard work that you put in with a clear vision.

45. Believe in yourself, you know your dreams better than anyone.

46. If you don't have a goal then you will just drift around but not going to be happy.

47. You have to shoot for the Stars if you really want to achieve big. There can't be 2nd thought here.

48. You never want to fail because you didn't work hard enough.

49. It's not just always about taking but giving something back.

50. Take action, its the only way to achieve your goals.

51. It doesn't matter whether someone has done it before or not if you believe you can then Yes it's all possible.

Quotes by Jack Ma:

52. I always try to find people who are smart than I am and when you find so many smart people my job is to make sure the smart people can work it together 

53. We cannot teach our kids to compete with the machine. It will be smarter, we have to teach something unique that is the machine can never catch up with us. 

This quote could be modified as "We must learn things that machine could never catch up with us."

54. No matter how big your dream, you achieve it by taking small tiny steps ahead.

55. It is not a good feeling to be rejected by so many people. We also feel depressed. But at least later we find the world has a lot of opportunities.

56. Most of the people, they have fancy ideas in a day, but when they wake up in the morning, they go back to the same job.

57. My advice to the young people, any mistake is a wonderful revenue for you.

58. Before 30 years old it is not which company you go, it is which boss you follow.

59. When you are 50-60 years old work for young people because young people can do better than you. So you rely on them, invest on them making sure they are good.

60. Nothing is easy. Nothing is free. If you really think that you could be successful, you have to pay the price.

61. You have to think different, you have to do differently.

62. Today is very tough, tomorrow is tougher, the day after tomorrow is beautiful.

63. Rejection doesn't make you weak but only makes you stronger.

64. Giving up is not an option if you want success.

65. If you want to be successful, you will commit a lot of mistakes but you learn from them. 

Quotes by Warren Buffett:

66. By far the best investment you can make is in yourself if you invest in yourself nobody can take it away from you.

67. You just got one mind and body to get through life with and you know the most important thing it's really who you associate with.

68. You need the right heroes if you want to emulate somebody you'd better pick very carefully who you want to emulate

69. I don't even think it's important that every person goes to college at all given he knows what he's doing.

70. I don't regard what I do is the most important thing in the world at all but it's right for me I mean what I do works for me.

71. If you risk something important to you for something unimportant it just does not make any sense

72. You find your passion, life will be much easier for you.

73. The three things in hiring people you look for are integrity, intelligence and energy.

74. It never bothered me, if people disagreed with what I thought, as long as I felt I knew the facts.

75. You need emotional stability.

76. Capitalism's all about somebody coming and trying to take the castle.

77. The biggest thing that kills a business is complacency.

78. Doesn't matter how big you become, you must believe that tomorrow's more exciting than today.

79. You want a restlessness, a feeling that you know, that somebody's always after you but you're gonna stay ahead of them. You always want to be on the move.

Quotes by Sundar Pichai:

80. It's the idea that matters it didn't matter where you come from or what your background is.

81. One revolutionary idea one brilliant invention can unleash other entrepreneurs to revolutionize

82. Great ideas in technology no longer come from just Silicon Valley they can and do come from anywhere.

Quotes by Jeff Bezos:

83. You guys will find that you have passions and having a passion is a gift.

84. Passion is a fantastic gift for you because it gives you direction, it gives you purpose.

85. Sometimes we let our intellectual selves overrule our passions and that's what needs to be guarded against.

86. Big success is a few big successes compensate for dozens and dozens of things that didn't work.

87. Never ever lean away from the future  because if we do then we will all have adversity in our lives

88.  Be proud not of your gifts but of your hard work and your choices.

89. Adversity is what teaches us how to get back up when we fall down.

90. It's easy to have ideas but it's very hard to turn an idea into a successful product.

91. To invent something you have to be a domain expert if you're not at the beginning then you have to learn, learn & learn enough so to become a domain expert.

92. The danger of being an expert is you can be trapped by that knowledge & never move to the next level.

93. If you really want to make it big then you must become an expert and keep that beginner's mind to look at things as they are fresh even if you know everything.

94. For those who want to be entrepreneurs, you need a combination of stubborn relentlessness and flexibility. Basically, you need to be stubborn on your vision but you need to be very flexible on the details.

95. Have a clear vision & don't try to run behind the so-called hot passion of the day. 

96. I would recommend to people is that they always take a long term point of view.

97. Everything comes with pieces that you don't like, every job comes with pieces you don't like and we need to say that's just part of it. You have to figure out how to set up your life in such a way that you can minimize the things.

98. Everybody has gifts. You have gifts and you have things that you didn't get gifted maybe you're extremely beautiful, maybe you're extremely good at mathematics, maybe you there are a lot of things that are given but those things can confuse you because they're not the things that construct your life. It's your choices that construct your life.

99. Will you choose a life of ease or a life of service, an adventure or will you wilt under criticism or will you follow your convictions. Everything is decided by you.

100. There is a lot of paths to satisfaction and you need to find one that works for you.

Once you go through all the 100 quotes, you will discover how each one of them is closely related to each other and what is most amazing is that you will be able to extract some extremely important advice which almost guarantees a positive result on how you will be approaching things in the future. Overall you could identify that Having or Identifying your Passion & having a role model without greed for quick success is the first thing, able to adapt to the situation, making necessary changes without expecting a Normal life, always willing to Overwork to achieve the Goal with a clear Vision and finally Not giving up until you say "Yes, I have done it"

Feel free to express your thoughts in the comments :)

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