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Paypal Transaction not Showing on Account?

Paypal transaction not showing

Sometimes, when we make an online transaction using any payment options like Paypal, Stripe, Skrill etc then it could happen that your amount is deducted from the linked bank card or account but that amount or let's say the transaction details don't appear on your Paypal account. Whenever you experience such an error then you don't have to worry here and your money is still safe.

Your money is most likely got deducted from the bank account successfully but it was never processed by Paypal ( or a similar payment option) therefore the order number and transaction details don't show up on your Paypal account.

Whenever such situation is seen then the bank or your card provider will automatically credit the deducted amount within 30 minutes at minimum or at the maximum you may have to wait till 24 hours but one thing is for sure is that your money will not be lost and you don't have to go through the hassle of contacting your bank or the Paypal to get your money back as the process is quite fast and takes place automatically.

Note that once you make the payment then you will also receive a confirmation from your bank that the amount is deducted successfully but don't worry as the payment is not processed by Paypal system so the bank will once again send you a notification that your amount is returned to your account.

This same situation could be seen with other online E-commerce sites like Amazon, Microsoft Store, eBay, Flipkart to name a few.

On many occasions when you are shopping from your favourite e-commerce website in the time of an ongoing sale or on a random day and you are a little bit unlucky then once you pay their amount on these platforms to buy the products then you could receive a notification message that your payment is still pending but your amount is deducted successfully from your bank account.

Why transaction not showing?

Paypal transaction not showing
Online payment issues

In such cases, there are multiple scenarios:

1. Your order and the payment is already received by the website (E-commerce retailer) but it doesn't register on the billing system. This situation could create a lot of confusion as to the customer even if he contacts the customer service department of that retailer receives a straight forward answer that if the amount is showing as failed or pending and it was deducted from the payment method then the system will refund the amount automatically but that's not the correct Answer because the payment is already received by them but due to technical issues that don't show up on their system.

When you experience this problem then also you still see the delivery progress of your placed order and surprisingly though the payment continues to show up as failed or pending the delivery progress status never gets influenced and you will end up receiving the order as per the mentioned date which you had observed in the beginning when you were finalizing the order placement.

2. Your order status remains PENDING or CANCELLED because the payment status on the website shows up as failed but the charges are deducted from the bank account - Here as we have previously discussed an automatic refund within a short time is the one which gets followed in these type of cases.

Hopefully, the provided information will help you whenever you face such issues related with online payment :)

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