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Flight Boarding Procedure | Step by Step guide

Flight Boarding procedure

When you are boarding a flight or in the airport to board your flight then there are few important things which you need to remember that will help in the time of boarding and you will have no issues regarding any luggage or security-related concerns.

Step 1:

When you enter the airport the first thing you need to ensure is that you remember the gate number in case you are in a large airport like IGI New Delhi where there are multiple terminals and gates so you need to check the Terminal Number and the Gate Number for hassle-free entrance. 

Step 2:

Once you enter the correct terminal and find the gate from where your flight passengers will be able to board then you reach the gate where the airport security will ask you to show the flight ticket and your proof of identity.

You complete the task of showing the ticket and PI and you are free to move inside through the airport entrance.

Step 3:

Next is to find the Flight Company's centre where you could continue to verify your boarding/check-in if you haven't done the Web or E - Check-In or online check-in then you need to manually do the check-in where you could select the seating inside the flight.

Step 4:

After doing so you will then move on to the next stage where you will be required to deposit or submit the luggage bags (at flight operator's centre) which you will not be carrying with you inside the flight but they will be put in the luggage compartment.

Laptop bags or small handbags are not required to put in the luggage compartment so you could take them with yourself.

Step 5:

After completing the above steps now you will proceed to the security check where you put your handbags or the bags which you will be carrying with yourself inside the flight to get evaluated by the airport security.

Here you will need to show your ticket to the security, get verified one more time and put your bags one by one on the baggage tray ( note that you need to put one bag in one tray, not to put multiple bags in a single tray)

Make sure you take out all the electronic gadgets like laptops, mobile phones, cables, wires like mobile chargers, laptop chargers from the bag and put them in a separate tray to scan your hand luggage.

Step 6:

Once security scanning of the hand luggage and other necessary security checks are complete then you should collect all the handbags, your electronic gadgets etc and proceed towards your boarding area.

Here you will have to check the flight status by looking at the displays provided inside the airport. You simply need to remember your flight number, check the name of the flight and the number on the screen and there you will find the status of the flight and gate number.

Flight Boarding Satus
Flight Boarding Status

Step 7:

Note both of them and move towards that particular gate. This is the final stage where you arrive at the required gate, wait for the boarding to take place.

That's it, the whole process of boarding could be difficult for someone to remember especially those who are new or boarding for the first time or even for a person who rarely takes a flight to travel. so the above-mentioned steps will help you to stay away from the airport hassles and help you to have smooth & safe travel :)

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