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How to handle Insults and deal with Toxic people

Let's start by asking you a few questions, Have you faced a situation recently where you got insulted? or it might be in a public gathering where someone tried to show your weakness by making fun of you? If your answer is yes then why not explore how to handle such a situation with calm & ease.  

First of all, we need to identify which are the situations of insult and when the feeling of insult kicks in. So here are those places where you could get that "not so pleasant" sense of insult along with steps that you can take to tackle them.

1. Just for Fun activities by your friends

Friends could be a source of inspiration but at the same time, they could also be mischievous in many ways which mean they do like to take those odd moments advantage to make fun of you but that's only a "just for fun" thing without having any evil intention.

For a sensitive person, it's very much advisable to NOT TO FEEL insulted when such a thing takes place because your friends are not trying to do any bad to you instead they are just enjoying that moment & trying to make that situation lively & that's all. YES THEN THERE ARE THE SECOND TYPE OF FRIENDS or categorize them as toxic people, you may ask who are they?

Well, there is no shortage of people who wear a mask over their true appearance, not the physical mask which we can see but mask of thoughts & opinions that we can feel or realize. These friends are there to make a meal of your identity simply because they mean it. Yes, you read it right, they want to be bad to you because they just can't stand the person you are though they try to prove themselves as your buddies, the reality is the exact opposite. 

The practice of Such behaviour by not so ethical friends could be due to 

  •  Jealousy 
 Envy or jealousy is the root of so many problems which could arise from simplest of thoughts when dictated by your ego & not the mind then you are most likely to be affected by such thoughts of jealousy.

Think of someone who is not able to see you happy or becoming successful, those people have this negative impression about life that they themselves can't achieve anything meaningful, everything is against works against them therefore they try to amplify the negativity through their own actions well which could be seen from their attempts to ill test others, spread rumors & misconceptions, preventing others from becoming successful.

 No doubt you must have seen these people in your life or let's just say that you will definitely find these people if you haven't yet. Be mindful of your own actions, that's the best way to tackle such individuals or organizations who run with the motive to discourage people from following their own dreams. 

  •  Personal Struggles 

This could be due to past memories or experiences that make a person act rudely to others. Inability to cope up with the shame that was experienced before, it's common for an individual to create a mindset which is driven towards viewing the world with hate. One thing you could observe here is that the person is affected by the emotions which are the force behind the evil. 

  • Wrong-way of approach 

 Having the right intentions but selecting the wrong way of expression, basically the person wants to help you by letting know of your faults but the choice of words without realising certain things makes it more complex and difficult situation to handle. We will discuss more on it later. 

How to deal with it?

 Don't react - ignore the talk & the situation because it's not worth to make the thing better but definitely it could only put flame to the already smoking scenario.

Don't react at the moment of happening, Discuss later.

Ho to handle insult in front of loved ones and in public including how to deal with toxic people
Quote on People by Mark Twain
2. 3rd person or friends overacting which harms your self-esteem

Here the person could be anyone apart from your family member who tries to exploit your nature, your weaknesses by highlighting them in a carelessly funny way which could be deliberate or un deliberate attempt to hurt you then you have the right to protect your self-esteem. Tell them straight in a disciplined manner (given that it doesn't matter to you how they perceive the information).

For you, that person doesn't hold much significance because he/she might be very new to you or someone whom you don't see as the ideal person to be with then you can tell them straight about your likes & dislikes in a straightforward yet polite manner without reflecting the insult on the other person.

3. When your loved ones insult you 

There are timely occasions where your near & dear ones could become that person who will insult you, can you think of such a situation when this thing takes place?  if you are finding it difficult identify such cases let me give a few examples, your parents could compare with someone else & they could say that person much better than, more hardworking than you or much more successful than you are. All these statements sound very familiar when you read it true right?

Under these circumstances, what is the best thing for you to do? 

The best decision you can make here is to have trust in yourself irrespective of others opinions about you. You must believe that whatever you have, whoever you are, is good enough to make a positive impression in this world. You mustn't try to humiliate or argue with those opinion holders but let them be happy with their thoughts because it is or them to decide whether they want to keep hold of that thinking or let it go, for you what matters most is your own thinking & own beliefs. 

Trust yourself with your own thinking & keep moving forward.

4. Way of expression

This is when people don't have the intention to hurt or deceive you but they have a noble thought of showing you the reality & if possible help in some way but the way of expression they choose to deliver their opinion is NOT IDEAL. 

Using harsh language & expressing their thoughts in front of wrong people - wrong means those people who only make the matter worse by exaggerating on the facts & using them to deliberate evil purposes which could be many for example taking revenge, ego issues, anger & etc. 


You can think about some person who is not in contact with you from earlier or stranger comes to you to highlight your fault or mistake then it won't make you feel that bad if compared same incident happening in front of people who know you like your relatives etc. So the person who came to express themselves had a view of letting you know about your mistake which is all right but when they express using faulty language & without realizing the surroundings is ideal or not for their expression then that's where the problem arises. 

As a responsible person,

  • It's your role to understand what that situation demands which is about being sensible and requires using your knowledge to make decisions which will maintain the decorum of the place. 

  • Even though you can see that the person is not using respectful words or not realizing that s/he is using the wrong way & wrong place to act in such way, the best thing for you is not taking it on your ego & act sensibly to resolve the whole thing without much argument.

  •  To help yourself, you can realize that the core value of that person is s/he is trying to help you by highlighting your mistake which in the end will benefit you only by improving on your weaknesses.

 It is difficult initially to bring such thoughts when these incidents occur but you must practice having control on your mind which allows you to make proper decisions. 

In your life,  there will be odd moments where you are going to face situations of insult that's for sure, you will hear those harsh words, face bad temper, occasions will be there when someone will try to make you the victim of their own perspective & thoughts but you have to resist them without causing conflicts with yourself or others because not doing it will guarantee you more stress & anxiety.

You have to make adjustments at times when you need help but the person standing next to you is someone whom you don't hold with high faithful values or have some personal issues of mismatch opinions but still to make things work you need to act in a manner that will support your needs.  That's life - We can't ignore but appreciate it. 

It is true that you have to think about others but there are moments where you have to become a little greedy about your personal goals, be sure that your greed & desires are not toxic that harms others or your own health but it must be such that promotes growth without causing damage. 

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