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How to take Revenge with the Power of Forgiveness?

Revenge - when pronouncing this word, it doesn't frighten you same if you try to spell it then its quite simple but that's where the good story ends. Once you realize how self-destructive it is for anyone who holds the thoughts of revenge, grudge over someone, the person assures all kinds of mental trauma or despair to himself.  

It's like holding a piece of burning coal in your hand & waiting for your "assumed" enemy to come so that you could finally release your emotions by taking him apart, this thought of destruction actually ensures that irrespective of whether you manage to destroy your enemy, you will surely destroy your self as you get burned in the flames of revenge. 
It might sound a bit poetic but this is a fact, 

The feeling of revenge is the best way to tarnish your inner peace & prolong your miseries. 

The thought of getting relief once you take that revenge soon turns it back and you get desperate to get rid of those dark memories once again. The thought of taking revenge is like the Scorpio holding the poison & biting itself to death. 

Even the psychology experts believe and have discovered after a number of experiments conducted publicly that revenge thoughts are likely to create instability in your life and extend the duration of existing pain or mental stress. At certain cases, it could have very serious consequences as well.

how to revenge someone with the power of forgiveness reveals everything about how to take revenge.
Forgiveness Quote by Martin Luther King

 With so many ill effects, are you willing to move for Revenge?

Therefore, the best way to take revenge is to FORGIVE that person. Choosing forgiveness over all the other options is a wise and favourable decision that you make for your well being. Though we got the solution of forgiveness as an answer but most of us know that forgiving someone is NOT EASY. Especially when there are so many emotions attached to that incident that made us seek revenge.

The first thing that we should really ask is why does one feel the need for revenge?

 You must have experienced it yourself as it is very much common for anyone under any age group to get those thoughts of revenge, we as humans have this tendency to blame others for the problems caused to us. At many occasions, we will assume that someone is trying to do wrong to us and that's why our life is filled with all those small & big obstacles, so when this blame game starts, it is then followed with the desire to seek revenge.  

Also, we are very protective of our thoughts and when a person tries to hurt or maybe mistakenly made us feel ashamed of something then it's easy to imagine of a situation where we would love to take revenge. This is a sign of victim mindset, which only shows our insecurity and lack faith in our own work which could make us feel vulnerable. 

How to neutralize a revenge mindset?

SELF-BELIEF & SELF REALIZATION are the two things which must be kept in mind because they empower your abilities and helps in better decision making. Revenge thoughts and inability to forgive is the outcome of failing to understand that what is happening to you is a consequence of your own work that you have done in the past or present. 

The person whom you blame is a mere instrument not culprit, if not that person then someone else would have done the same thing to you which made you feel disappointed, so instead of blaming when you realize that your work is the reason for what you are experiencing then the first you will have is peace of mind. Any thoughts of revenge will ultimately fade away with time so you must decide what is the best thing you could do to help yourself, go with self-realization or is it better to take things from the heart without giving a second thought.

Nelson Mandela: A Prime Example 

There is a great example of Nelson Mandela, when he was in jail he used to be tortured by the jailers & all those who were in power but the day he got elected as the president he invited all the people including those who were in jail. In astonishment, the jailers asked him why did he invite them even after their abusive behaviour towards Mandela during his time in jail.

 Mandela in response said: "I HAVE FORGIVENESS IN MY HEART".  This is an example of how great humans approach & view the world. One with strong mindset will not get distracted by the circumstances but he will make his own reality through well-thought action. 

 A revenge mindset will drive you in the path of hate which has been the case with many people and unions whose ultimate goal is to take revenge from other people based on past activities which are now part of history but they are still actively pursuing their goal and this has made them take numerous decisions showing hatred and inability to forget the past. All these have resulted in lack or no growth state which anyone can question what's the point of moving forward with such a mindset which doesn't help you grow but only brings chaos. This is a prime example where forgiveness can do wonders but unfortunately, many are still stuck because of their EGO & unable to adjust to the changing time. 

To reap the benefits of Forgiveness, doesn't need a forgiver or a person to be forgiven in fact it doesn't require anyone except you. Forgiveness doesn't mean excusing or forgetting what happened, forgiveness is something you do for yourself to reduce the stress developing in your psychological side and getting rid of those negative emotions. 

The Power of Forgiveness

Take a brief look at the benefits of forgiveness 

1. Better Heart Health

2. Less Anxiety

3.  Reduced Stress

4. Lower Pain Perception

5. Overall Higher Happiness 

It might be something very common when you hear "FORGIVENESS" but ask yourself how many actually practise it in their lives? It is certain that does who do have a superior level of happiness and mental peace. Don't hold yourself from experiencing the same, make a decision to forgive the one whom you hold the grudge against, try it for once and you will feel the calmness it brings with it 🙂.  

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