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Know the Real Definition of Attitude & How being Open-Minded helps to have the Ideal Attitude?

One of the most influential factors that determine your success is Attitude. We all must have heard people questioning someone's attitude or praising their attitude for the achievements, you might have even been in the position where you had blamed someone's attitude because it was not suitable. Now, if we are asked 
"What is meant by Attitude?" or "What is Attitude?"

Could you think of its right definition? Let's find out.

Attitude could be defined as State of mind, Set of thoughts or Views  regarding some topic that we
call attitude

Components of Attitude:

component of attitude can be described

as A, B, C:

 A - Affective emotion component. This is the component of emotion control which is also known as "Affective

 B - Represents the Behavioural component, tendency to act. 

 C - The third component is referred to as the Cognitive aspect, call it the thought component.

 These all are the component of attitude. Normally A, B, C "effective" "behavioural" "cognitive" attitudes are themselves not behaviour but they represent a tendency to behave or act in a certain way that we see the significant features of attitude.

The features of attitude are Valence which could be positive or negative, Simplicity or Complexity and Centrality. Now, let's briefly see one by one: 

  •  The positive or negative valence of an attitude tells us whether an attitude is positive or negative towards the attitude object.

  •  If we have a positive attitude the valence is positive. 

 The Extremeness of an attitude indicates how positive or negative is the attitude. Suppose in the scale of one-to-five (as shown in the figure)

We all must have heard people questioning someone's attitude or praising their attitude for the achievements, you might have even been in the position where you had blamed someone's attitude because it was not suitable. Now, if we are asked "What is meant by Attitude?" or "What is Attitude?"    Could you think of its right definition? Let's find out.
Features Of Attitude Explained

Three is neutral, four-five is the region that represents a positive attitude and one-two is for the negative attitude. If your scale is at four, we have a less positive attitude and we have it at 5, there we have an extremely positive attitude if we have 1,  then it's extremely negative and lastly, it's neutral at 3.

If we have to define simplicity or complexity then its very simple, let's say we have a clear cut attitude then that is the simplicity, if we have our attitude between two things or say it as if we just stuck between two things then there is complexity, yeah sometimes people hold many attitudes which are confusing whether they are on side number 1 or the other.

Using very straight forward language, In an attitude system,

  • to be simple means if it contains only one or a free attitude and few attitudes

  •  complex if it is made up of many attitudes.

 Centrality this referred to the role of particular attitude in an attitude system and an attitude with greater centrality would influence the other attitude in the system much more than non-central like for example in the attitude towards greenery we would be having a negative attitude towards pollution so attitude with the centrality will influence other attitudes as well.

So far, we have made a brief explanation of Attitude, its components, and its features but what about that one factor that could have the most impact on shaping one's Attitude? Have you wondered what could change the way you look at things, perceive information about your surroundings and take decisions based on circumstances?

You must have thought about all that mentioned above at some point in life isn't it so did you found that answer? Well, we know that all are not the same therefore this question too will have multiple answers but even then we just can't ignore one special answer  which is "OPEN-MINDEDNESS"

What does being Open-Minded Means?

The concept of being open-minded has been a confusing thing for many and most of us misinterpret it which causes even more trouble with term OPEN MINDED. So before we move ahead let's clarify some basics related to being open-minded.

Remember, the things which you believe as true but others don't approve it as true then that doesn't make them any narrow-minded If you call those people who are not supporting the same opinion is not a reason to tag them as not open-minded people. If you want to become an Open-minded person then you have to learn how to respect others' opinions when they don't agree with your opinion or perspective.

Being Open-Minded doesn't mean one should allow all kinds of thoughts to creep inside but rather you have to make choices on what to take in and what to let go. If a person starts to consider everything s/he hears or observes then undoubtedly a lot of unwanted stuff will move in to only destabilize your inner self which will soon get transfer to your outer self.

Let's assume a situation where a person tells you something related to a supernatural happening. Now if you don't agree with his saying then will that make you Narrow-Minded? Definitely NO. When you have logical reasons to back your opinion then it's fair enough to say that you don't believe in such things unless there is adequate evidence to persuade your thinking to agree with the described occurrence.

After knowing the basic stuff, we are well set to learn the 3 Ways that will enhance our ability to think with a broad perspective or simply say
3 ways to practice open-mindedness:

1. Turn and face the strange

Change the routine that is what "Turn and face the strange" is all about. To break the existing thinking pattern to discover something new, to gain a different perspective which opens gates to many opportunities, you must face the strange. Changing the current routine that you are following is the best way to implement it. 

2. Deliberately introduce the random 

As human beings we are not so great at selecting random stuff, weird isn't it but that's very true. Think about for a moment,  you are asked to a person or you might find a person very interesting, then you talk about him in front of someone who knows you really well by saying that randomly caught your attention only to hear that he was not RANDOM but he was just like you and that's the reason why you both got along so well. 

When you really face a random product or personality then your mind is forced to adjust, that is the precious moment where the chances of discovering something new or having a fresh new idea are at maximum. So why not learn how to practice this RANDOM habit, sounds great right? Now, let's move onto the third which is...

3. Welcome the Unexpected 

Unexpected happening or the unexpected arrival of someone is again one of the best ways to alter your thinking pattern. You must remember that it will test your nerves and ability to adapt to the changes in your surroundings which could have a big role to play in your mental fatigue levels so, its not really a walk in the park situation but something which will surely make more self-dependent and adaptable to face different situations with a more conscious approach.

So get ready to PRACTICE OPEN-MINDEDNESS and own your Attitude to be the one which empowers you to great heights 😃.

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