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Qualities of a Good Student

We expect a student to be consistent, listen to the sayings of their teacher & obey the words spoken by them but wait you might be Willing to know the exact behaviour of a good student. So we could ask what are the qualities of a student that makes him stand tall?

First, we need to understand who is a student?
A student is someone who is learning to acquire a particular or a set of skills to enter pursue their goals.
We all know that in your whole life, doesn't matter whether we are young or an adult who many achievements in the professional world, we would still remain a student. The reason is that learning something 100% is not possible, nature doesn't allow anything to be 100% there is always the next thing we need to learn to get to a higher level. As a human, we keep thriving hard to make ourselves better & so there is nothing wrong if we call ourselves as a student.

So the question is how can we become a good student? Very simple it sounds but the reality is bitter because only a few manage to achieve it & rest remains somewhere around that region of a good student but never lands in the exact role.

Here are 5 lessons for a student which must be kept in mind if you wish to be one

1. Continuous Effort

Must be having that never say attitude here, you must believe in yourself & think positively that all the action you are taking will eventually work out even though it is taking time, your ultimate time is near when you can say “I have done it”. It takes patience & willingness to keep going when you ace adversity & little hope to work with but you need to hold on to your dreams, aspirations this could be seen as a part of karma.

2. Intense focus

When you are targeting bigger goals then must allow small things to pass by. There are distractions everywhere & it is not a secret that negativity attracts more easily & little positive things which happen around but we fail to notice them.
When you set you aim high & think that you are capable of achieving it then you must focus on that particular goal. Don't get persuaded by the little things which can deceive you & hold you back from fulfilling your potential. Always remember the People who get those big results have to ignore many things that come in their path to lure them away.

3. Practising Alertness

Must be careful of our surroundings. We are living in a society & there are 1000s of people surrounding us when we go out, it's, therefore, difficult to know what is exactly happening when so many people are involved in a number of activities, to make the best decision that helps you in your growth you need to be alert, you must remember what you need & how to keep yourself active.

4. Eat less when you want knowledge

Eat here used as a substitute for the word “intake”. Less intake doesn’t only with food, our sensory

organs have their own requirements & functions.
Food is for the tongue, sounds for ear, smell for nose, thoughts for the mind, Views for eyes, touch for the skin. When you are in pursuing something, remember what you take in. Negative thoughts will only poison
your mind, listening to wrong words & misguidance will lead to deviation.
You watch people spreading anger, hate & hurting others, fighting for no reason or just taking action for their greed – makes your mind filled with images that spread confusion & anger within yourself. This is the impact of all the glitz & glamour we are surrounded by & little we could do to say no to such thing when we have a weak belief in our own efforts.

5. Coming out of Comfort Zone 

You have to believe that the road to your dreams is not easy but neither impossible. Being in a comfort zone might feel safe for some time but then you realise that your state is static, you are not going anywhere but moving in the same place. If you have high expectations then one thing you must do that Getting Out of the Comfort Zone.

Best Practices in a simpler form

1. Not worried about making mistakes
2. Finding opportunities to test your skills
3 Knowing what's wrong or right: information, good to know & Bad to know
4. Keeping track of learning
5. Not trying to only aim for perfection, learning & resolving the mistake

What makes a student Standout 

Note: The best practices & principles are explained below in relation to each other

1. They are forward thinkers 

 They build a forward-thinking mindset, naturally, a person not always forward thinker but the good thing is you can practice & become one, this habit share a relation with keeping track practice which was discussed above.

2. Moving towards adulthood

Now leaving fun & activities is not ideal & you don’t have to leave them entirely but you need to find out what is best for you, the skills you need to accomplish your goals & the challenges you can face, finally getting ready to face those challenges.

3. Strive to become solution finder

When you face an obstacle that prevents from going forward in your work or it ould in your life then analyse that problem, don't Complicate yourself with tough plots, keep it simple -  you need to practice the simple problem-solving techniques which are effective. The problem solvers have a high value as humans because they help the society to live a better life & get their requirements fulfilled hence they get respected in any of the worlds.

4. Building Relationships

Having & building good relationships with elders, mentors or teachers is a productive way to gain immense knowledge & broaden your opportunities to become successful. The best part is you can ask for their guidance & can have faith that they will help you because you having a good understanding with them makes them believe in you & look at you as not just a student but also as a friend.

You can also say that interaction & making relation with others is the fundamental part of networking which is nowadays practised largely in the corporate / business world. Here you do networking not to make money but to build to a brighter future by gaining a good education

5. Learning outside of class

When you begin to understand yourself & get a grip of what you like, you tend to build a desire to explore more & start forming a growth-driven mindset. This inner willingness to learn does wonders to a person's efficiency to gain knowledge, you probably heard people talking about relentless work ethics & never go out of energy in practising a certain skill - it could be reading, writing or playing any sport, the only reason is they take a deep interest in that task so they continuously keep trying to enhance the skills & enjoy the whole learning experience.

6. Being attentive

  There are opportunities surrounding you, the only thing that can primarily stop you from taking them is your dedication. Being attentive & aware of what's happing around you. You can see that its the application of "being alert"  principle.

7. Careful about health

A common mistake generally seen among students is that they are more convinced with the thought that Studying makes an ideal student but that is not true at all. You need good health to promote practising of good habits & feed your mind with much-needed energy to go that extra mile. It advisable from all mentors that you do exercises, keep your immunity at a healthy level, going to the gym or following an extremely strict diet is not necessary - the only thing you must pay attention here is being healthy.

8. Trying before you feel ready

Before you make any concrete decision, make sure to give it a try at least once. Trying will give you experience & boost up your self-learning so it's advisable to believe & make an attempt after which you will be in a better position to decide.

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  1. Open mindless is one of the best qualities of a good student . A good student should be open-minded and flexible while studying a subject or solving a problem. They should also learn new concepts and skills quickly and then apply them in real-life situations.


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