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Best 5 Games to play & Boost up Productivity

Are you getting bored during vacations?  or need a useful pastime for commuting or simply wish to improve your memory and mental skills; if your answer is Yes then the brain-training is waiting just for you.

Here are 5 apps that will help you train your mind with fun games

Best 5 Games to play & Boost up Productivity
Source: Google Playstore

REMEMBER all these apps are ranked by Google under Editor's Choice so the quality is Guaranteed & also at the present time they are some of the best apps available in play store. Therefore it is recommended that you go through the entire article to make your perfect choice :)

1. Lumosity: Brain Games & Cognitive Training App

Rating: 4.2 (Based on the public response)

Best 5 Games to play & Boost up Productivity
Source: Google Playstore

Lumosity’s free brain training program contains fun and mind storming puzzle games to help you keep your mind active. Used by more than 90 million people from across the world, Lumosity’s games for adults offers nearly 40 games designed to put your critical thinking, memory and problem-solving skills to the test. Start training your brain today!

It’s very easy to get indulge in the hustle and bustle of life and let your brain go on standby. Lumosity challenges your mental muscles in a variety of segments – memory, attention, speed, flexibility and problem-solving. The games are rapid but simple making them a productive way of killing the free time but require immense focus to master.

Start your brain work out with a free 10 minute Fit Test to set your baseline scores and see how you compare with people your age.  Lumosity helps you train your mind out with a personalized training program, You can unlock in-depth insights on how you play, and receive bonus tips for better game accuracy, speed and strategy. Their brain games take cognitive tasks and turn them into fun games that can really challenge your mind!

Are you ready to play this fun and free brain games that can challenge your mind?
You can easily download this game from almost all major platforms like google play store.


There are nearly 40 brain games to challenge the core cognitive and academic abilities that include:
- Puzzle games (Certainly you will enjoy them)
- Memory games (Best for sharpening your mind)
- Problem-solving games (Improve your problem-solving abilities with this one)
- Logic games (Enhance your logical decision making)
- Critical thinking games (Best building excellent Critical thinking skills                                       )
- Math games (Perfect for someone interested or brush up his/her math skills)
- Word and vocabulary games (if you love languages this perfect for you)

- Well planned sets of games made for you
- Games using your personal training habits and preferences to find
various ways to challenge your brain
- You can elevate your training with new games

- You can analyze your gameplay to level up your training
- Learn your game strengths and weaknesses along with the cognitive patterns

- Keep the mind centred with meditation techniques
- Easily Practice mindfulness exercises to gain mental clarity and relaxation

Behind Lumosity there is a team of highly active scientists and quality designers who are always in a pursuit to discover new ways to challenge the brain and push cognitive research forward. They take common cognitive and neuropsychological tasks or design entirely new, experimental challenges. With the support of highly experienced designers, they transform these Complex looking tasks into fun & intuitive games that challenge core cognitive skills.

Lumosity team also work with 40+ university researchers worldwide. They give qualified researchers free access to Lumosity training and tools — helping them investigate new areas in cognition.

As they learn more about the possibilities of brain training, they are more than happy to invite you to train with them and join the mission to advance the understanding of human cognition.

The Lumosity app is available in the following languages:-
 English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, Japanese and Korean. To access the app in one of the mentioned languages, change your device setting to the desired language. English is the default language for devices not set to one of the supported languages.

2. NeuroNation - Brain Training & Brain Games

Rating: 4.5 

Best 5 Games to play & Boost up Productivity

With NeuroNation scientific brain training, you can easily bring your wonderful brain day by day on a perfectly well-planned path. Whether it's weak memory, dwindling concentration or thinking way too slowly - just 15 minutes of training a day could make those problems disappear and provide your brain new thrust to go & achieve anything. You can easily join this worldwide community of over 15 million members and treat yourself to a piece of science - right in your pocket.

Why do brain training with The Neuronation? Is it really worth of its words?

- AMAZING EFFECTIVENESS: This app has been already awarded the AOK Leonardo Health Prize for Digital Prevention which is given by the German Federal Ministry of Health.

Many studies have frequently proven that With brain training, you can really improve your memory, noticeably reduce stress along with the resulting risk of depression, enhance your thinking capacity and concentration and even reduce the risk of diseases like dementia by up to 48%.

The NeuroNation app helps you perform a comprehensive analysis of the individual strengths and potentials and creates a personal training plan for the user that exactly meets the required needs.

With the help of 27 exercises on 250 levels you get to access a varied and motivating training for a balanced promotion of your brain.

According to a study conducted by NeuroNation together with the Department of General Psychology at Freie Universit├Ąt Berlin, they verified the effectiveness of NeuroNation memory training & confirmed its credibility.

With many years of experience and many millions of users, they provide the opportunity to follow your progress closely and analyse it correctly according to your comparison group.

You can get together with your friends or simply anyone & compare your results, train for a race and blast the old boundaries of your brain together & keep growing.

3. Peak – Brain Games & Training                                                                    

Rating: 4.4

Best 5 Games to play & Boost up Productivity

Peak app is the fun & free brain training workout designed around you. It uses the brain games and puzzles to challenge the mind, language and critical thinking to keep your brain active.

These games are made in collaboration with academics from leading universities like Cambridge and NYU, and more than 12m downloads, Peak is the ultimate brain training experience.

It takes only  8 to 10 minutes a day to complete a brain training workout. With as many as 45 brain games for the youths or adults, and new brain training workouts every day, there is always a fun challenge waiting for you.


 completely FREE Brain games to challenge the Memory, Attention, Math, Problem Solving, Mental Agility, Language, Coordination, Creativity and Emotion Control.

Get to know in which categories the brain excels in, and compete with friends by comparing your own brain map and brain game performance.

 you track your progress and also improve it further with more practice.

 Cognitive Memory training sessions with games from expert researchers at Cambridge University, NYU and more.

Offline mode is also available so you can enjoy Peak brain games wherever you are.

Selected by Google as Editor's Choice.

In excess of 45 brain games available and timely updates to keep you challenged.

Get brain training workouts based on performance & choice and in-depth insights with Peak Pro.

Get the Advanced Training modules for better growth: intensive programs that guide you master a specific skill, including the new Wizard memory game created with the help of Professor Barbara Sahakian and Tom Piercy in the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Cambridge.


4. Elevate - Brain Training Games

Rating: 4.5

Best 5 Games to play

Elevate is one of the brain training programs designed to enhance attention, speaking skills, processing speed, memory, math skills, and more. Every individual person is provided with his or her own personalized training program that adjusts over time to maximize results.

The more you train with Elevate, the better you get in improving critical cognitive skills & this makes Elevate a productivity booster, earning power platform, and self-confidence enhancer. Those who train at least 3 times per week have reported drastic gains and increased confidence.

This app offers you a 14-day free trial as well as a free version. To get the free version, you can tap the X in the upper left-hand corner after you sign up for an account.


* There are more than 35  brain games for critical cognitive skills like focus, memory, processing, math, precision, and comprehension
* Detailed performance tracking
* Personalized daily exercises that include the skills you need most
* Adaptive difficulty levels as the game progresses to ensure your experience is challenging
* Providing a Workout calendar to help you track your streaks and stay motivated
* And more!


Elevate's brain games are designed in joint collaboration with highly qualified experts in education and are based on proven educational techniques. Elevate’s brain training algorithms have put cognitive research in attention and memory studies to develop a personalized training program for each user.

5. Memorado - Brain Games 

Rating: 4.4

Best 5 Games to play

You can join Memorado - the leading brain training program with over 10 million members worldwide and give your cognitive skills a boost!

Now you can unwind with all-new audio relaxation stories and exercises and daily tips! It's time to give yourself a break!

A stronger brain leads to a better life. Increase your memory power, concentration levels, reaction, logic and mathematical skills with 14 fun and challenging mind games with more than 400 levels. You can track all your statistical progress as you push the way towards a sharper mind!


- Over 400 levels within 14 games to train the mind, logic, concentration, reaction and mathematical skill
-100+ meditative audio sessions calm your mind
- Stunning graphics coupled with easy usability
-  Daily workouts  according to your wishes
- Frequent scientific tests which will track your progress over time
- Statistics to show your strong areas and the potential for improvement
- And more!


Memorado is at the forefront of neuroscience. A team of in-house neuroscientists has created games to train memory, concentration and much more. Based on the science of neuroplasticity, studies have shown that brain training can improve working memory and increase fluid intelligence.


Stronger working memory makes rapid learning very simple and also improves brain connectivity. Scientists have discovered that strong brain connectivity is an important component of human intelligence and memory and may slow down dementia. They have arrived at the conclusion that the mind and brain can be trained like training the body.


Memorado is completely free to use for you. But if you want to improve 74% faster (on average), Memorado team recommends you to upgrade your subscription to Memorado Premium. It offers total individual preference based workouts, which are being updated on a daily basis and optimized for maximum training benefit for the duration of your membership. Along with all that Memorado Premium grants unlimited access to all games and statistics.

All the apps are all capable of adding real value to your life, the choice is based upon which User Interface you like most & ease of handling. Wishing you the very best in your success journey.

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