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Water is such a valuable resource for making life possible on earth & for existence. There is no doubt how important it is in our life to have water without which there is no chance for human survival. Now to keep our body functioning in right manner we consume a good level of water but there is always a question of

How much water to drink in a day to meet the requirements?

Our 60% of the body is water & to maintain the required level of water in our body we must take care of any dehydration problems which could occur due to less water, the exact answer to how much much water to be consumed is subjected to many conditions, for example, the amount of water your body releases, the level of physical activity you do but if we speak primarily for a normal human being the common figure would be 8 glasses of water daily which is close to 2-3 litres of water every day.

When we say consuming a high amount of water is good for health which true but we need to remember that excess consumption of anything is not ideal for the body & the same thing applies to over drinking of water, More than 4 litres of water intake makes your kidneys work more which put stress in your filtration system, more the stress the difficult it is for the organs to function in proper order which could lead many serious outcomes harming your body & sometimes the cases are so severe that it is found to take lives of people.


Too much water in the body reduces the sodium solutions present which forces water to flow into our cells to balance it up though our body cells which are made of fats can  be stretchable which comes into play once water enters inside the cells & expands it's size, when the simialar case occurs in our brain as it contains the same cells,the skull is hard & the stretched cells in our brain leads to lesser space which is a life-threatening development because our skull just can't allow that extra space for cell expansion to take place. 

Here is a breakdown of water is distributed in the human body

Men have a higher per cent of water, human heart & brain 73 % water, bones contain 31% water.
2/ 3rd fills our cells whereas 1/3rd could be found between our cells & blood. more muscle results in more water, overweight people have less water because fat tissues contain less amount of water. 
Skin compose of 64% water,  lungs approx 83% water, kidneys & muscles could be up to 79% water.

Amount of water to be consumed (In numbers)

After conducting various research studies on water consumption demands by many institutes, these are some of the figures that came out:

  • for women, the average or the ideal intake is around 2.12 litres of water 
  •  In the case of men, the level was found to be approx. 3.07 litres of water 

It is known that children drink less water than adults but if we go deeper to understand water requirement according to age then here is an approximate measure of water intake:

  • children in the range of 4 - 8 years - 119 ml of water
  • 9 - 13 years age - up to 1.9 litres of water
  • 15- 18 years age  - 2.6 litres of water
  • More than 19 years old - 3 litres of water (ideal if it's less than 4 litres)

*** For a pregnant woman, 2.36 litres is the advisable water consumption level.

Drinking only water to fulfil the required intake is not necessary in fact many fruits & vegetables contain a high percentage of water which you can eat & meet the required fluid levels in your body, for example, the following are ideal for increasing water levels :

foods to eat , increase water in the body
Spinach is a nutrient leafy vegetable

foods to eat  ,increase water in the body
It is the king when comes to food with the greatest % of water 


foods to eat to increase water in the body
Cucumber is easily available & best for increasing water% in the body

foods to eat to increase water in the body
Cauliflowers also help in increasing the body fluids

When you are trying to increase the water levels be careful that you should avoid soft drinks. Soft drinks are fluids but they contain a lot of sugar & some preservatives that could work against health, therefore, it is advisable from medical professionals to reduce & if possible avoid them for your own well being. 

  • Energy drinks have similar consequences compared to soft drinks, the consumption of energy drinks are very much a trend these days but be aware that their impact on our body is not that ideal. You might replace it with some other alternatives to maintain the fluid levels.

  • The sports drinks are ideal when you are doing some extensive physical work like heavy exercise, it provides an instant boost to your energy levels so take it if you are involved in such work mentioned.

It was earlier stated that the water intake for a person varies because of certain reasons for example

Hot climate - If the climate is tropical or very warm, places with high humidity & temperatures over 35 or 40 deg. Celsius will demand a more water intake compared to cooler less humid areas.
So when you travel to such a place or live there then make sure you keep yourself hydrated with a good amount of fluids.

 Exercise - Doing exercise takes a lot of sweating so to feel up the water deficit in your body you have to consume a good level of water,  here sports drinks could be an alternative. There are few precautions while consuming fluids when you are exercising -

  • Careful that you don't drink water hurridly, when you take water in a very rapid manner then it could lead to some serious problems which only degrade your health
  • It's better to drink water in a sitting position rather than standing.
  • Drinking water from a position where the mouth is nearly facing front & not directing upwards (that is should avoid drinking water from top)
how to drink water
Remember that you need to drink water gently

Disease - Any disease like fever & diarrhoea demands more water consumption by the patient because the body cells have to work efficiently in order to receive a quick recovery state.

What happens if there's less water in your body?

These are some of the common problems you could count if there is a deficiency of water & face dehydration.

  1. Body Joints will not be lubricated & cushioned
  2. The spine will become unprotected 
  3. Some brain functions will get impaired
  4. Water is required by body cells to function properly hence the lack of it will make you slow & tired
  5. Body becoming prone to many dangerous diseases

If you would like to know how important the role of water in maintaining our health then here is a
list of how water benefits our body

  • It regulates body temperature
  •  assets food passing through the stomach
  • Boosts your metabolism by 30%
  •  Also helps you lose weight
  • 2 litres of water daily energy expenditure grows to about 96 calories higher

Now all said, we want to increase the water intake but somehow we can't due to a set of problems which doesn't allow us to do so, under such situation
what can we do to increase water consumption:

Here are some of the... 
strategies you could use to improve your water intake levels

use of modern technology

Noways because of the advancement of technology, we could find many health apps in the Google plays tore or in the apps market which helps keep track of our nutrition, what we eat & how much we stay hydrated. You could use daily timers in the apps to keep a reminder that you drink a particular amount of fluid every day.

  • Use of gadgets-

Generally, mobile phones are most convenient for this purpose as you can install the apps easily & use them as per your liking but there are specialized gadgets which designed just for tracking your health.

Stylish water bottle

This is a way through which you can trick your mind to think more about the trendy looks of the water bottle & eventually force you to drink more water, the mind could easily be deceived by this technique as our thoughts are very much attracted to the things which look good & we could use this to our own benefit, smart, isn't it?

Adding Flavour to water

Now if you having trouble with the taste of water which is a common thing to have than you could take the help of flavours to add a bit of zing to your water drinking experience.
You can use carbonated water is not bad just make sure you don't over-consume. anything in excess is no good.

Use citrus or mint leaves to add flavour & will work for providing refreshment as well.

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