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How to Improve Self Esteem

Our surrounding is filled with enough negatives thoughts to make us feel weak & lower the self believe that one day we can really achieve our goals. We feel ashamed to tell truth about ourselves which makes us look small or not valuable in front of society. Jealousy is another outcome, when we look towards someone better than who we are as a person in terms of achievements, appearance, luck & the list could go on.

 All these points if you notice them carefully then you will realize acting in such a manner only impacts your self-confidence in a very negative way.

This leads to a negative self-image that gets created in our mind about who we are as a person & a ton of self-doubt on how capable or how much we can achieve in this big world.  We start cursing ourselves for not being skilful enough or not enough good looking to go out, meet new people, make friends. Negativity has no end if we keep pushing ourselves to feel bad about what we are given or the person we have become today, the only thing that changes the ties is Our self-confidence. Assume self-confidence as a skill not just a trait or character of an individual.

How to Improve Self Esteem,how to improve your self esteem

The more formal way to call self-confidence is self-esteem, the better we think about ourselves, a bright more positive self-image we draw in our mind the easier it is to become more confident. This start getting visible in our behaviour - how we talk, act, move or do any activity, confidence just elevates our presence to something much greater than we could ever achieve it through the fundamental skill like knowing how to talk nice, sing well or move right;  without confidence, all other skills become faded to a great extent. 

There are numerous occasions when you will observe people with enormous self-belief making record-breaking progress in their life & beating even the so-called gifted people because of natural abilities though it's fall short in front of that individual ( or team) who are filled with desire & self-confidence.

One thing that must be kept in mind while enhancing your self-confidence is not to become your ego & become a devil instead of an angel. keep it to the level at which you feel easy to handle & help in your daily productivity.

Self-pride & trusting your own image is capable of doing wonders is something that will come when you practise thinking positively about your work, show belief that your work will yield desired results. There are too many negative chants from others which you can hear but the strong-minded people will ignore such information & fill positive self-affirmations, the same goes for you. Do you want a build a brighter self-image? then start practising positive self & then put into your action through tireless effort & make yourself better.

Remember its the persistence to keep doing even at the moments of adversity that will build character in you, the character of a champion. It's no secret but even knowing it very can actually do it & that is REPETITION.

Before we move further let's present some of the most powerful self-affirmations:

There are ways you can convert the negative thoughts to positive ones, here is one example lets assume you are having a thought "I am not worthy" - here, add one single word & see the change
"I choose not to be worthy".

When you think "I choose" your conscious will kick in because you don't want want to select something negative for yourself & it's in the subconscious state of mind that is making you think like not being worthy so your mind will reframe the sentence to "I am worthy". Practising this technique of adding "I CHOOSE" whenever you have a negative thought will make your pursuit of positive thinking a more achievable one.

The power of meditation is so vital when we want to make this recalibrating of thoughts possible. Most of us wait for misery to come,  adversity to hit us & then make the required changes, if we realise then we will find that our mind look for a reason like a personal experience or some person that can be blamed for our situation but ask yourself why to become a victim of situations & go through pain when we can achieve the changes we want to see through joy & happiness when we can practice improving our thinking by implementing the simple ways like meditation which helps you channelize the energy & mental waves that provides or expands the ability to think wisely. 

We as normal human beings are more likely to look for a known future where we are aware of what to happen next, majority of us don't want to live a life where we are unaware of future happenings because it's uncertain, the important thing here is people need to know that they can change what to arrive next by thinking positively.

When we think positive the chances of having the future we wanted increase drastically, the reason for this is when we keep our thoughts promoting our well being, it is an act of self-empowerment which adds to our own confidence, you practice it daily & the changes will be seen externally when you starting radiating those thoughts through your actions, the words you will speak everything will be on the positive side.

Remember our body is the unconscious mind when the mind wanders in some other thought not related to your present scenario but something related to the future, the body doesn't know to differentiate between the present state & imaginary world which makes you feel those emotions which you are not experiencing currently in the actual environment. Therefore we must train our emotional side which can work to influence our actions in the way we want not to lead us to great suffering.

Our Body is stronger than our Mind, the instructions our body provides to the mind it must be able to follow them but when the control shifts from mind to body this is where our greatest gift (Mind) goes horribly against us

To make it easy to improve our self-esteem, here are some effective ways to achieve it

1. Feel your worth 
(Don't devalue yourself /Taking care of yourself)

Know how to value yourself. Never think you are less than anyone else because of achievements or anything you yet conquer but think about the positives you have irrespective of their size or influence,  most of the time it takes one action to change the whole course of your life but to perform that one action which generates a series of other positive actions, you must show persistence, must feel the inner calm & belief.

Once you start feeling worthy & value your work, you become a creator, the personal experiences no longer shape your personality but it's your personality that influences your personal experience. 

The best way to bring stability within your mind & body is self-love, So we might question

How can we love ourselves?
If we really want to love ourselves then it's not about piling on more thoughts but it's about letting go, moving away from the perspective which is no longer adding value to who you are.

Simple ways to self-love

  • Forgive yourself:

Having the perspective that whatever decision you had made in the past it was based on that situation where you were that time & because of the previous level of understanding. You don't need to need to feel guilty today about the happened in the past, let those thoughts go away.

Realise the experiences & trust the process. Feel grateful that now those things are no more there & you can move in the direction you want.

  • Being Original:

(Be who you are from inside)

Imitating someone else doesn't help in resonating your own thoughts with your action, allow yourself to be the person you want to be & not you like to become simply because it looks attractive.

  • Feel the Gratitude:

Being thankful for the experiences you have is something that brings peace & removes any anger or shame that is persisting inside you.

  • Letting go of the shackles: 

Remove the limitations that hold you from expressing the thoughts you have once you gain control over the psychological side. The freedom of being your own version will surely create an identity socially with which you will be more at ease to accept it.

2. Handling Conflictive Thoughts

Self-doubts & questioning your presence are very common to pose as obstacles & distract you to go downwards. It is like our own mind trying to become the enemy for our own well being & this is where the mental strength obtained from all the practices we have discussed comes into play.

3. Create Your Own Thoughts

 Living with others thoughts because of the influence of the surroundings will lead to a future that is created by others. We must take responsibility for creating our own circumstances through the thoughts generated by us.

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