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It important in any field to be able to analyze things which you are dealing with & honestly speaking this is not just limited to only "things" but also applies to analyze people because there could be a lot of positive & negative influences on you by those people who are surrounding you so its better that you know the real identity & intentions of those individuals which allows you to be confident & more conscious.

The behaviors & actions are very much dictated by the beliefs along with the emotional side therefore if you managed to understand their words or the non-vocal language that is body language - it becomes easier to read people & understand their personal characteristics. It is a fact that simply understanding the body movements heavily contributes to the image a person forms in the minds of other people.

how to analyze people?
Understanding people play a big role in your personal growth

Here is a list of factors which can help you analyze people easily 

1. Eye Contact

The kind of eye contact the person is making gives you a good perspective of that individual.
The shaky appearance/eye contact could very well mean nervousness & experiencing fear because of any wrongdoing or shame that forms a negative image in the mind.

Strong eye contact without any flicker shows you the confidence the person possesses over his/her own actions & the words s/he speaks, the determination everything could be seen just with one element which we call eye contact.

2. Eyebrows

how to analyze people?
The eyes are considered to be the window to our soul

The eyebrows movements could let you know the mood of that person, If they are comfortable & jolly hen their mood will be a happy one but if he/she raises the eyebrows could mean confusion or aww for some reason, also anger could be seen in the form of contract eyebrows.

  • Fear 
  • Worry 
  • Surprise 

3. Lips 

There are mainly 2 types of lips which you can see & based on that there are some characteristics related to that person which could be traced easily.

  • Thin lips

 Such people with this natural trait are more on the mature & intelligent side. There actions & language is relatable to a person who is mindful (It should be remembered that these predictions are based on experiments conducted over a group of people so the results are based on a high percentage of people showing certain attributes in their particular category)

  • Thick lips

It's interesting that today due to surgery& artificial means, people plump their lips to look more full but those with natural thick lips possess childlike behaviour &  being naive & submissive are some of the common behaviours represented by them.

4. Smile

 Smile is an easy way to manipulate the mind to think that the person is happy but you identify whether its a true or a fake smile by observing the appearance of crinkles around the eyes. A genuine smile will form a contraction around our eyes seen as crinkles & easy to spot them because they can't be hidden. 

People smile to hide their actual feelings so next time you see someone smile observe if there are any crinkles appearing around their eyes.

Our mouth or smile can deceive easily but eyes can't. Just by looking in someone's eyes you can say whether they are lying or telling the truth, simply put it like this: you get to know how much honest that person is just by taking a dedicated look at their ways.

5. Spoken words

The verbal communication tells you about the mindset & way of thinking whereas the actions that are taken by the person help you identify the kind of approach s/he has for tackling a situation.

Non-verbal factors of communication 

  •  Tone or pitch: The gentle tone of speaking with a loud (not too loud) represents the calm & composed nature, also it is an indication there is confidence inside the person which allows controlling his communicative skills.

The low pitch feeble way of speaking is considered a sign of less enthusiastic people, this type of individual most likely already accomplished his targets hence not interested in pursuing anything extra at the moment or lost hopes regarding the topic asked or discussed

There is one reminder here, as we know some people are natural low pitch speakers so this strategy won't work on them & you have to apply the other techniques to analyze & predict their personality traits.

  • way of speaking is something which could be easily spotted & synonymous to the tone or pitch characteristics of a person. It is easy to notice if a person is emotionally driven based on his way of communication so taking care of the situation, we could understand others using this method which ensures we don't hurt anyone's feelings or make any rash decisions. 

6. Nodding

When the person is worried or doubtful & even at situations when there's not much time for having a proper conversation, nodding comes into play, as you can observe nodding could be used in a variety of situations so it can't be said as a positive or negative response during a conversation. Only by knowing the situation when it's used could explain whether it's a sign of tension/lack of interest or lack of time.

7. Chin or Jaw Use

how to analyze people?

This is common when you see someone touching their jaw or chin then they are thinking or confused about that discussed topic.
 Clench jaws could be a sign of stress & such signs are commonly seen when a person is working for a long time & involved in a work that doesn't interest him anymore.

In a normal interaction, touching chin is primarily an indication of having a thoughtful moment so you that should be seen as a positive sign rather than a negative one.

8. Hand Movements (rubbing hands)

Generally, A sign of excitement is rubbing hands. When one is preparing to face a challenge and waiting for the event to begin, under such circumstances this behaviour is easily noticed. Remember anxious moments could also provoke such actions as the person realises a certain situation is approaching which he has to face anyhow & could cause this behaviour as a reaction.

9. Posture

how to analyze people?
Understanding body posture 

This could give you a good insight into the current situation the person is facing because the emotions are easily reflected in the body posture. When a person is happy & filled with good vibes then the posture is straight & not slacked but whenever there is tension & disappointment surrounding us, then our energy levels as expected drops & so our posture which is weaker, we tend to look downwards more which resonates with signs of defeat. 

10. Handshake

A sign of strength, belief and power: Some of the most important traits of a person could be explained just by his handshake. The grip of the hands & which one is presented first (left or right hand) tells you about the position of power.
REMEMBER a strong grip during handshake signifies the individual being dominating in nature whereas a smooth handshake with a gentle grip shows that the person is light-hearted & filled with kindness. 

length of the handshake signifies the trust between 2 parties & their faith on each other or it could give you a weird feeling which is strange to many people. A shorter period means a lack of time to perform that action because

  • he is in a hurry 
  • not committed to having any formal conversation

11. Crossed Arms or Legs

how to analyze people?

People who practice this behaviour seen as physically blocked & not open to the things that stand in front of them. It is clearly a negative response in most of the cases, therefore you must avoid this especially in a formal meeting like interview & official discussion. When people see crossed arms or legs, it impacts the psychological side & stands for the "NO" as a response.

12. Leaning In or Away

When a person leans towards you in a conversation that shows he is showing interest in your words. He has respect to the conversation you are having & willing to contribute to make it a meaningful discussion.
Overall this is a positive sign & something which will make you confident to speak more.

Leaning away means there is a definite lack of interest which is more like a one-way communication where another person is not willing to engage in the conversation. Lack of interest & respect is 2 common predictions that could be made on such behaviour.

13. Type of footwear

how to analyze people?
Remember footwear can deceive you

It is an ever-present concept of identifying a person & his attributes that he holds personally though after going through a series of changes & dynamic phase of fashion nowadays, it's difficult to predict the nature of the person based on the footwear Choice. Saying that we could always identify the characteristics of anyone based on the nature of the choices for example

  • A simple design pair of shoes: Highlights the simple nature of that person & choices are straightforward.

  • Extravagant: Like to stay in trend & dynamic  

  • Torn: Being Careless or lazy (but it could highlight the economic state as well so you might analyze other factors before forming an image based on this criteria)

Also, there is another thing that could be seen commonly among people which is about having an emotional attachment to goods they buy or possess, such an individual like to preserve their choice by continuously using the materials even though they have the economic & social means to change them.

14. Overall Appearance

how to analyze people?

This is the ideal one to understand the personality of a person because you consider the whole appearance. It provides you with a better understanding of the overall choice made & how it compliments the behaviour exhibited by him.

  • Casual look - It is a creative way of representing your thinking & approach

  • Dynamic/trendy look - Represents a dynamic mindset where choices change with changing time & environment.

15. Copying Body Language

This takes place Unconsciously where someone admires your traits so much that they start acting like you & demonstrates the similar manner of talking, behaving & almost becoming the same person as you.

Observe you & your parents, relatives with whom spend a good amount of time, friends & often your partners - they all will be showing a set of similar traits or put it like this - You have started acting like them because you like their ways , you want to be like them which caused this change to act like they do.

All these methods are highly effective in understanding a person but the most important step is that you need to go out & start practising, the more experience you gain in analyzing different people the better you get in your predictions which also could be influenced by various exceptional cases & it  is only realised when you discover the existence of many personalities with unique characteristics.

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