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10 ways to gain MENTAL PEACE with EASE

Peace of mind or mental peace is known to be that state of being where you are mentally and spiritually at peace and in sync with your emotions. It is about having the knowledge and understanding to keep oneself calm in the situation of anxiety and stress.

Every day, you will be facing certain situations where your temperament gets tested & you have to be patient, not to get into some heated debate or to prevent any kind of scenario, where emotions take control over your actions.

Isn't that true? 

That's why learning various ways to remain calm and gain mental peace is so important.

Let's dive into the sea of knowledge to discover 10 easy ways through which you can gain maximum mental peace.

10. Don’t Compare With Others.

Simply forget what everyone else is doing or thinking about you. The more you think about others means the more you will compare with others which only works to make you feel weak or leads to envy that has no positive impact on your growth. When you learn to control the inner voice which constantly forces you to look at others then all that anxiety & insecurity will leave only to be replaced by mental peace. 

A question that you must ask to yourself  is "What do I want to achieve?"

We all hold our own thoughts & desires with different paths to follow, and we are all learning and going through life at a different rate based on our capabilities.

Try focusing on your own journey and lose the stress of comparing yourself to what you think is going on in the lives of others. when you focus on your own life then there is a greater possibility that you will grow at a much faster rate in all areas of life and without even noticing you will realise after some time that thinking about other's opinions about you is only painful for all the wrong reasons.

One thing to keep in mind when you are implementing this is the fact that you must learn to differentiate the positive things from the negative ones as there will be positive people as well providing you with advice to shape your life for good so be careful not to offend anyone with your behaviours but respectful in your approach to choose to best for yourself with diligence. 

9. Having A Perspective.

Without a perspective, your life will be dictated by the views & opinions of others. In such cases, you will be living in a world which is created by others and you will remain merely as a viewer.

Be careful as these situations could make you question many things on why or how things are not favouring you. Therefore having a perspective does protect you from being controlled by others and allows you to remain calm.

Having a perspective will allow you to see & analyze things based on your own thinking which is developed from your life experience unlike the vision manipulated by external voices which is not yours. 

8. Practising Gratitude.

Focusing on the things for which we are grateful brings peace of mind and reminds us that there are always positives irrespective of the things that distract us. Gratitude is the Power which can bring enormous self believe and attract the things you want to see happening in your life. 

7. Don’t Take Yourself Too Seriously.

Learn how to let things go because not everything will go according to plan. There are situations where you need to accept and move on.

6. Mindfulness.

When we are mindful, we are fully present in the moment and remain aware of our senses. When your senses are functioning actively then the mind won't have much time to worry and think about all the negativities.

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Photo by Simon Matzinger

5. Having Goals.

Goals give us a sense of purpose. We become more conscious of our surroundings and most importantly, our own behaviours. So, having goals makes a big difference in our life.

4. Living in the Moment.

Worrying about the past or panicking about the future, makes you more tense and fearful.

When we live in the present then all those concerns & tensions of the past and future simply can’t worry us.

3.  Laugh a lot.

 The world instantly becomes a better place when you can see the joyful side of life. Laughter is a great medicine to remove stress and helps us to relax. Laughing could be termed as the most effective medicine to cure any disease - sadness, emotional pain, or anything that makes you feel down, a moment of laughter can fill the surrounding with positivity and good vibes. 

2. Self Love.

One of the MOST important things to practice in life irrespective of whether you are young or old is  SELF LOVE. The more we respect our own opinions & love ourselves, the greater is our peace of mind. We start accepting the true version of ourselves more and feel comfortable for the person we are in this world, no matter what situation we find ourselves in. We feel blessed & have gratitude towards nature for allowing us to experience all the things that have helped us develop into a responsible human being. 
The power of self-love is difficult to explain in words because it is so effective in changing everything you are going through so to feel real essence, you must practice it.

One more thing that you need to remember is that Self-love triggers feel-good factor that does wonders to our confidence and how we see ourselves.

1. Deep Breathing.

This is the easiest way to achieve calmness and you can practise it anywhere & that is why I have put it in the pole position. It is the most impactful factor and highly effective in bringing mental peace so, if you want to achieve the zen state then Deep Breathing is a MUST.

If you look at all the methods to heal your mind & body then you will be amazed to see that deep breathing is either mentioned as one the strategies or part of the practice to achieve peace of mind & take control of your thoughts. 

Now, wait no more.

 Let's practice Peace Of Mind.

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