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The 7 Lessons from Buddha that will Change Your Life Forever

It is no secret that Buddha has influenced millions of lives with his teachings and provided an example to everyone that whatever you want to achieve is all inside only thing is you need to realise it but if we ask what are the most impactful lessons we can learn from Buddha? then what will be that precious answer?  

Buddha's teachings were focused on self-development and peaceful ways to achieve an understanding of the world around you. So Here are 7 Magical yet simple lessons from Buddha that will change your life forever

1. Be Thankful

There’s always something to be thankful for. Don’t be so negative that for a moment, even a split moment, if you are thinking of all the wrong things that happened to you then you have forgotten to realize the thousands of things you have to be thankful for. When you are thankful then you are feeling the joy of life and resonating with the positive life energy which will eventually attract more prosperity and happiness to your surroundings. 

Some call it "Gratification" & Some "Thanks Giving" but the power of Being Thankful is too strong to be ignored, if you want to live a life of real joy & experience it to the fullest then " Be Thankful " practice it every day and you will see the magic of life.  

2. Conquer Yourself

To conquer yourself, you must take control of your mind. You have to keep a hold on your thinking. Your thoughts cannot be flowing in different directions. When we gain Self Control & command over our thinking then there is nothing which we can't achieve, we become the Master of our own fate. Our mind is everything and the thoughts we build in our mind results in the form of action we take therefore disciplining our mind to focus is THE SECRET to Conquering Yourself.

3. Learn to Forgive

When you learn to forgive people, then you release yourself from the feeling of hate or anxiety which brings peace and a sense of calm. Most of the time we underestimate the value of Forgiveness and believe that not forgiving someone will make us more dominant but in this process, the thoughts of hate and revenge dig a hole inside us. Such is the influence of all the negativity that we end up causing great damage to our inner peace & most often results in self-destruction. Buddha's " Learn To Forgive " is a lesson that must be learned by heart to prevent all the worries that are caused because of our own inability to understand what good for us.

4. Seek to Understand

There is a famous quote " Seek to understand first, then to be understood "
When you listen to others, understand their perspective, then you will have more peace. Having Patience is a challenge and if you are emotionally sensitive then it becomes even more difficult to hold on to your expressions as there is always the possibility to get into some heated interaction whenever someone hurt your thoughts or emotions. It could be in school, college or in your office or in a meeting, investing some time to understand the opinion of your elders, friends or colleagues could do wonders 
in enhancing the efficiency of your work so it is very advisable that you take the help of positive self-talk or practice mindfulness if you are having difficulty in controlling all the voices in your head which will allow to hear and understand the world around you. 

5. Learn to be True to yourself

We know many things, have a great deal of information inside us but we don't do the things that we know what to do. Therefore we must have the discipline to implement what we know. When you are true to yourself and to what you know, you will be more satisfied.
Today we are blessed to have so much of information and means to access whatever we want that sometimes it becomes a distraction which one to choose, whom to listen, what to do next & many more things that challenge everyone to remain true to themselves. We lose ourselves to the attractions which are more illusionary than anything else. 

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Photo by Lukas Kloeppel

 6. Bringing our thoughts to life

Buddha said, “The mind is everything. What you think you become.”

 Thinking determines actions; actions determine the outcome. Right thinking will grant you everything you desire; wrong thinking is a path that will eventually destroy you. The thoughts are the real reason that makes you the person who you are today so be careful what you think, positive thoughts will attract the positive results and negativity will only attract those things that you don't want.

7. Starting Small

We all have greatness inside us, so do not be afraid of small starts as it doesn't matter how small your beginning is but what matters most is how far you can reach. If you practice consistently, and if you’re patient, you will succeed! No one succeeds over night; success belongs to those people who believe in themselves and willing to start small and patiently work. Overthinking and fear hold a person from embarking on a new journey that can't be traced at first, using your vision and faith, you can see what lies ahead of you. So if you have a desire to achieve a goal then start your journey without over-analyzing the possibilities because the world is infinite, you are capable beyond your own imagination.

These 7 Steps if you manage to implement them successfully there is little to no doubt that you will be living a life of joy and self-satisfaction. When you find your inner peace, there is no limit to the possibilities that will stand in front of you.

Keep the faith, keep your dreams alive and always maintain consistency, and you will see your life will change for better.

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