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The Power of Gratitude | SECRET Of Self-Development

 Gratitude is thought of as thankful appreciation for what someone receives, irrespective of whether it is material or immaterial. Interestingly not many people discuss the importance of practicing Gratitude in our daily life which is actually one of the MOST influential factors to what you achieve in the present or future & how you live your life. 

You might be surprised but there’s real science behind the practice of gratitude and its benefits. As per the University of California study, it was found that teens who practiced Gratitude had higher grade point averages, Social Integration, Life Satisfaction, and Lower Envy and Depression, in comparison to those living with materialistic thoughts.

A number of gratitude studies show that practicing gratitude can immensely benefit our physical, emotional, mental and social well-being.

Here is the list of amazing benefits achieved from gratitude which will surely impress you & even stun you :)

1. Improves Sleep

 Sleep itself is a big factor which could decide your efficiency at work, concentration levels and your activeness. Getting good sleep is important to stay healthy with a sound mental state, people who go through countless high-pressure situations could easily have sleepless nights. Therefore, moments of gratitude with some quiet time spent alone will provide the mind much-needed positivity that is certain to impact your sleeping habits. 

2. Increases the rate of Physical Activity

In relation to the first benefit, good sleep provides your mind & body with the best possible opportunity to work in a high productivity rate. This outcome translates to the increase in the rate of Physical Activity that reflects your enhanced physical attributes.

3. Increases Long-Term Happiness

Mostly whenever we hear anything in the context of gratitude then it is very likely that we will come through the term inner peace or self-satisfaction. Gratitude makes a person internally more satisfied with a sense of calmness and channelizing positive energy which ensures that you remain happy.

4. Reduces Symptoms Of Depression

Factors like internal peace & happiness significantly reduce the chance of depression or any mental trauma that could hamper your growth. Depression is undoubtedly one of the threats that are a concern for a lot of people in today's world and it is expected that its trend will further influence more people as the stress level increases due to high work pressure, more competition due to growing population in various parts of the world.  So an easy yet simple way to prevent any effects of depression is by practising gratitude.

5. Reduces Envy

Probably one of the well-known factors that degrade our inner peace, leading to more social conflicts which are a direct result of all the tension Envy causes and we end up being the victim of something which doesn't even exist but our emotions make it seem real. Jealousy does no good so if you want to be peaceful so the best way to make envy a past story is by taking the help of gratitude.

6. Lowers Blood Pressure

Hypertension could very well be the outcome of depression or lack of internal stability so if you are facing any case of High Blood pressure then don't worry because with gratitude you can easily tackle those issues which cause high B.P at first.

7. Increases Life-Satisfaction

With internal peace, you assure yourself with the gift of a calm and satisfied mind that also does wonders the behaviour you exhibit or the energy you radiate to the external world. It's incredible how the simple practices could change your whole surrounding and makes you resonate with the positive energy.

8. Makes us More Optimistic

Optimism fills you with new hope and inspires you to keep moving forward. How we feel about ourselves really sets the tone for how we feel about the external world so a positive approach with a thankful nature definitely helps you to boost your confidence and productivity at the same time.

Gratitude Benefits, practice gratitude, being grateful, self development
Quote by Roy T. Bennett
Now, take a look at its influence on the emotional side

9. Increases Selflessness

We become more open to the word and the things we have in our life. The conscious state helps us to identify the things which earlier were hidden or went unspotted because of greed and other factors dictated by what we see but not what we realize. Now when you have gratitude, there are so many possibilities to discover and explore the world.

10. Improves Decision-Making

We know internal peace does impact on our actions and so decision making which could also signify our mental strength noticeably improves with the everyday practice of being thankful for what we have.

11. Makes Us more resilient

It could be seen as "Another skill" that we develop by gaining better self-control and with a sensible approach in our action-taking ability, we become more resilient to any negativities that try to take us down or deviate us from our path.

12. Enhances Self-Esteem

When you are happy from inside then it's very difficult that any other external factor could disturb your peace of mind. It is most often seen that our personal thoughts become toxic to such an extent that it results in negative self-image inflicting greater pain & anxiety so it's safe to say when your own thoughts are supportive to your internal happenings then the self-image is a much positive one.

13. Improves and strengthens relationships

Take it as a bonus or simply as a positive impact of having an open mind that could understand different situations and has all the attributes to make better decisions resulting in happier relationships.

14. Increases Social Support

The energy you radiate from your behaviour, thoughts or actions will attract similar response from your surroundings. If you give out positive signals then it's inevitable that you will receive the same from the other side. This brings the next achievement which is

15. Strengthens Feelings Of Work Fulfilment

When things are going well for you, it is expected that you will be happy but even when you face adversity, there is the mental to back your decisions and presence of mind to learn from your past mistakes to make sensible decisions. Here you gain the feeling of work fulfilment. 

With all of these benefits, it’s no surprise that it’s important to understand and practice gratitude with those around us.

With all that said, you will be asking "How to practice gratitude easily?"

The following are the simplest ways to have Gratitude in your life:

1. Being Happy.

Being grateful can make you happy, but do you know that by being happy you can become grateful. There are plenty of other ways to uplift your spirits, including exercising or participating in activities that you enjoy.

Once you are feeling the flow of positivity, showing gratitude will become easier than ever and you’ll start to be able to make list after list of all of the things in your life you’re thankful for.

2. Practice Mindfulness

Sit down daily and think about some of the things you are grateful for. This will work great when you can visualize the things in your mind and sit with that feeling of gratitude in your body. By practising it every day, you will be able to rewire your brain to be naturally more grateful and then the feeling happiness will be there by itself after every session.

3. Express Yourself

Sometimes it’s not really ideal to keep your gratitude to yourself which means you must learn how to share your thoughts & emotions. You can increase your feelings of gratitude by expressing that same gratitude to the people surrounding you.

Not only does expressing your gratitude for someone to make their day a little brighter, but it can do wonders for increasing your own levels of gratitude and happiness in the long run.

4. Start Taking Action

Never underestimate how an act of simple kindness can do miracles; both for someone else and for your own gratitude practice.

 Once you start working on the little details you missed before, you’ll begin to notice more and more greatness around you — just like magic!

5. Pray or Meditate

Thoughtful practices often include spending time giving thanks. It is highly recommended that you take some time where you are to alone to reflect on your blessings and be grateful for the good qualities you possess within yourself.

6.  Deep Breaths

The magic of deep breaths just can't be ignored. This simple practice can give you ample amount of time for one simple moment of gratitude. Be thankful for your breath, because you wouldn’t be here without it.

7. Being Kind To Yourself

 Last but most important, it's about being thankful for all the things your body and mind do for you. Studies have shown that with self-love, you can build a significant level of gratitude.

You can start writing positive affirmations on simple sticky notes and place them somewhere you can see them and repeat them every morning.

With the power of gratitude, you are sure to fill your surrounding with positivity and happiness, at the same it will do wonders to your inner peace.

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