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How EGO dictates our behaviour? Let's learn it from Eckhart Tolle

EGO - The 3 simple letter word, yeah it is tiny but have you ever thought about its impact on your everyday life? We must have experienced ego - from both sides, one from our own & then there is the external world. Its quite amazing how Ego could result from a small disagreement to big massive wars fought between individuals, organizations and even countries. It is no secret that there are 1000s of conflicting situations that are a result and exists because of this incredible "EGO".

Now, why not take a deeper look at What Ego really means & How it dictates your behaviour from one of the best mentors in the field of psychological Studies. Here Eckhart Tolle explains the core presence of Ego & how it arises from various situations. 

NOTE: The article is primarily based on the views shared by Eckhart Tolle in this video so it's recommended that you watch the video first in order to gain maximum value. If you would like to know the most important points discussed in the video then I have highlighted them in the article for the ease of finding them. Hopefully, you will enjoy the read :)

According to Eckhart Tolle,

The Ego lives in an almost the continuous sense of "Not Enough", we could say a sense of lack
which it may not be always in the foreground but it's always in the back of your mind in the form of some thought which says you're not complete you don't have enough, you're not fully yourself or yet to be fully yourself. 

This is, of course, is true on the human level because on the human level you can always achieve more, you can attain more, you can experience more but it's not true who you are or what you are in the essence of your being. In the essence of your being, you know you are already complete so there is the depth's dimension to who you are and there is the surface dimension -

 The surface dimension defines that the ego comes from a place of lack and whatever you attain through the ego.

 Ego has access to some power simply because it's the form that consciousness has taken but you're much less powerful CREATOR as an ego compared to what you could be when you know if you aligned with the essence of who you are and you're coming from a deeper place

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There is an alignment with what the universe wants right where the universe is going which is greater consciousness so, if you come from the ego there's a sense of lack which you always know it retrospectively that after you have attained something through egoic endeavours if you have obtained it then sooner or later and usually sooner it does not satisfy you.

The IMPACT of Ego:

1. Whatever you attain the moments of satisfaction are fairly brief and then again

2. You fall back into the state of lack and dissatisfaction so no matter what you create from ego and through ego

3. It won't satisfy you now which you may not know this but you're engaged in the process though retrospectively you can always know it while you are creating, there are also certain signs which are indicative that the ego has gained the upper hand even if you might have started your manifestation from a deeper place and then suddenly something could happen which in result the ego starts to take over so for example,

 A good sign is that when you no longer enjoy what you're doing, you're engaged in the creative process, you're active, you believe that you can achieve it but a time comes when you suddenly realize you don't enjoy the work anymore. Whenever an obstacle appears because in any creative process even though it may be empowered, you would still occasionally encounter obstacles as to anybody who has created something new in this world has experienced the same that is facing number of adverse situations.

 Yes, you are assisted the more you are alive with the depths of who you are. The greater the assistance you get even in those cases, you will encounter the same fate when you create something new. You will encounter obstacles because of the world, there are certain structures in the world which don't want to change, they are against change.

 There's a certain inertia in the structures of this world and if you want to bring about something new then sometimes you come up against that and some of the inertia manifests through human beings, it is because other humans don't want the change that you are trying to bring about so when you encounter obstacles as you're bound to, the following reactions are easy to be observed:

  • When you're coming from ego you will be upset 

  • You will regard the obstacle as an enemy and

  •  You will start complaining or

  •  You will become discouraged which might result in becoming aggressive which could be as a cause of becoming stressed 

  • You can't sleep anymore 

So you're finding the obstacles create a dysfunctional state within you and then the whole thing becomes a source of stress for you and when stress arises it means the ego is there and is interfering even if your initial intention might have been very good for example,

You think about creating a great spiritual centre where people come to learn to be more conscious

What could be better than that and that's great so it's the intention is great, might be the initial intention was absolutely wonderful but as you start working then without you knowing it, the ego can come creeping back in and first of all, it says that 

you are in desperate need for this to happen and you cannot be fulfilled and happy unless this happens. These are the first thoughts that come & develops in your mind which may not become conscious or at the back of your mind this feeling arises so you become very desperate to make your wish take shape of reality. Every obstacle and every person who represents this "Hurdle" they become an enemy and you get upset when you encounter and counter them.

  The aim of the intention becomes so important to you where you need to get the end results which means that your desire to achieve become so important to you that you neglect the value of the primary importance - The present moment and your state of
consciousness in the present moment. 

So, if you focus on the steps you're taking at this moment and giving the most attention to what you're doing now then you will actually enjoy what you're doing instead of you excessively focused on the desired outcome and the present moment is no more than an inferior moment towards this if we imagine future moment. 

What we can take from this scenario is that these are all egoic patterns that you fall back into and that is why it can become very frustrating just so a good intention is not enough, you need to be conscious throughout the creative process because the ego can creep back in during the creative process even without your senses noticing it. It's the very subtle thing for which you need to be alert.

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