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 The Morning Quotes, Thoughts and Affirmations to start the day :)

It's a great way to begin your day with positive words which will make you calm, fill your mind with excitement & inspiration, make you feel good about yourself and your surroundings. So let's get straight to the content and spread the good vibes 😊


Note: All the affirmations, thoughts and quotes are in the present tense because to program your mind with positive energy you have to gain control of your mind and that's possible when you make your subconscious mind listen to the things which you want to see and experience. The subconscious mind only considers the present, it can't see the future therefore anything you want in the future must be realised in reality. This is where you use your imagination to feel that you have already achieved it and because of this simple reason, all the sentences below are in the present tense.

Part 1:

1. I am grateful to be alive

2. I am connected to mother earth

3. I am accepting of Who I am

4. I am safe

5. I am wellness

6. I am supported

7. I am worthy

8. I am confident

9. I am creative

10. I am loving

11. I am gratitude

12. I am grateful for my hobbies

13. I am thankful and grateful for my ability to see the joy in my life

14. I am appreciative of all that I have

15. I am honouring myself and others

16. I am truly grateful for my ability to think

17. I am grateful for my ability to observe my own thoughts

18. The universe supports me and I am surrounded by true abundance

19. I am here to grow and expand

20. I am grateful for my ability to focus

21. I easily create wealth

22.  I am joyful

23. I am blessed with  infinite profitable ideas

24. I am at peace

25. I am honouring my higher self

26.  I am grateful for all the experiences of my life and the lessons learned

27. I am worthy of being seen

28. I easily create wealth

29. I am powerful

30. I am creating the life of my dreams

31. I am thankful for the limitless growth

32. I welcome and appreciate my struggles

33. I am thankful for my ability to survive

34. I am grateful for living a life on purpose

35.  I am in the flow of life

36. I am very thankful for my willingness

37.  I am kind to myself 

38. I am grateful for my sense of optimism

39. I am worthy of all that I desire

40. I am peaceful

41. I am grateful for my ability to change my mind

42. I am healthy

43. I am light

44. I am thankful for smiles

45. I am grateful for my ability to interact with others

46. I'm  grateful for my ability to spend time alone

47. I am grateful to experience life

48. I am blessed to have my own dreams

49, I am living a life of abundance

50. I am at peace and harmony


51. I am strong

52. I am thankful for my work

53. I am thankful for charities and volunteer work

54. I am loving all that I am

55. I am aligned with my inner power

56.  I am thankful for my ability to believe

57. I support life

58. I am learning 

59. I am improving every day

60. I am connected to everything

61. I appreciate the changes in my life to become a better human being.

62. I  am the source of happiness

63, I am grateful to help others

64. I am wealthy

65, I am gifted with limitless creativity

66. I am life itself

67. I am at one with all that is 

68. I value time

69. I am thankful for everything

70. I am the joy

71. I send the vibration of peace and prosperity

72. Every day I grow stronger than before

73. I attract wealth

74. Good things happen to me 

75.  I am a source of positive energy

76. I am caring

77. I am blessed with infinite energy to do good

78. I radiate happiness

79. I am looking forward to each new day with gratitude

80. I am thankful to see the beauty  in everything around me

81. I am grateful for the opportunity to live in this amazing world

82. I am blessed to do what I love in life

83. I am grateful to become a good human being

84. I am thankful for all the opportunities 

85. I am grateful for all the struggles that made me stronger

86, I am grateful for everything that happened to me 

87. I am blessed with the support from nature

88. I am a part of this amazing nature

89. I am becoming better every day

90. I am grateful to experience the wonderful journey of life

91. I believe myself

92. I am becoming the best version of myself

93. I am worthy of being successful

94. I am grateful to contribute to the well being of others

95. I attract wealth and success

96. Nature is guiding me to become the best

97. I have everything to be the best

98. I am a source of positivity

99. I am blessed with amazing abilities to change this world

100. I am thankful for all the gifts nature has provided to me

morning thoughts and affirmations

101. I bring joy and peace everywhere

102. I respect people and their choices

103. I appreciate my struggles which have taught me the important lessons of life

104. I am grateful for all people who helped me become a better human being

105. I am the light that illuminates many lives with positivity and wisdom

106. I am becoming more focused every day

107. I empower others to become successful

108. I am grateful for my knowledge and wisdom

109. I am truly grateful to contribute to the growth and success of this beautiful world

110. Nature is pure and I am a part of it

Part 2:

111. I am grateful for this new day

112. I am confident in my knowledge and intuition

113. I trust this process of continuous development

114. I attract everything I wish for

115. Today is my day to change my life for the better

116. The morning sun gives me hope and energy to do good

117. I am grateful for all the love I receive

118. I am able to overcome any challenge

119. I am a good human being

120. I am supported and loved by nature

121. Today is a day of infinite opportunities

122. I help others to become better

123. I lend my support to others and spread joy

124. I am kind and respectful

125. I am blessed to be here

126. I find joy in everything I do

127. I choose to feel free and motivated

128. I love and respect myself

129. Amazing things happen to me

130. My life is a miracle and I am so grateful to experience it

131. I am able to make myself heard

132. Everything I speak is filled with power and wisdom

133. My body has the energy to go through this day

134. I am free of any worries

135. All my wishes and needs are met instantly

136. I welcome joy and peace in my life

137. I am surrounded by amazing people and I attract more of them

138. I am open-minded

139. I choose to think only positive things

140. I am open to divine inspiration and thankful to nature for providing me with the ability to feel it

141. I am at peace with myself

142. I am blessed to have this day as an opportunity to improve myself to achieve greatness

143. I am polite with anyone I meet

144. I am fearless and free

145. I trust my ability to succeed and spread kindness

146. I approve of my self and I feel confident in who I am

147. I give respect and I deserve respect

148. Today I feel better than yesterday.

149. I take good care of my body

150. I am responsible for my own life

affirmations, quotes and thoughts

151. I allow change, change for the better.

151. I free myself from past behaviours and mistakes with a pledge to improve myself

152. I start my day with a positive attitude

153. I let go of the anxiousness in me to inhale calmness

154. I replace my anger with understanding

155. I avoid complaining and replace it with my willingness to improve myself to overcome any difficulty

156. I practice patience and calmness

157. I am making this day a good day with my actions

158. I have courage and belief

159. I only set good intentions

160. Today I face my fears and overcome them with my willingness to progress

161. I inhale positive energy

162. I am focused and taking one step further to become the best version of myself

163. I am aware of what I need to change

164. I treat myself with kindness

165. I am on my way towards greatness

166. I speak with a clear and powerful voice

167. My mistakes show me where to improve. This makes me even stronger

168. I am in control of my mind

169. I protect myself from jealousy, hate and anger.

170. I am disciplined and focused

171. I welcome any lesson this day provides to me

172. I am worthy of appreciation

173. Today is a new beginning

174. I forgive myself and those who have hurt me

175. I choose to be optimistic

176. I choose to have a productive day

177. I choose to give unconditional help and support

178. I have unlimited potential to achieve greatness

179. I am aware of my own value

180. I am unique and this day is unique

181. I am motivated for more growth and success

182. I am grateful for all that has happened to me

183. I am doing my best

184. I am intelligent and I make good decisions

185. I am happy and relaxed

186. I enjoy everything I see and hear

187. I am resourceful

188. I use this day to move forward in my life

189. I am a good listener

190. I am blessed with the power of imagination

191. I am curious

192. I am ready and excited to experience this day

193. I rise above my fears

194. I offer my knowledge to those in need

195. I adopt new habits which help me to become a better person

196. I invest in myself with good thoughts

197. I welcome this new day with gratitude

198. I am grateful to have this beautiful life

199. I am a creator

200. I am grateful to have this day

affirmations, quotes and thoughts

The affirmations, quotes and thoughts are divided into 2 parts. You could choose any one of them or if you like then use both to start your day and feel the positivity within yourself :)

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