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Simple Rules to become Rich

Wealth is something most of us want and work hard enough to get there but somehow the majority of us never make it to reality where we are actually wealthy. Being rich or having the abundance of wealth where we are free to do whatever we want without thinking about money is a dream for many young and old but the harsh reality is that only a few make this cut and achieves true freedom.

Why is it so that working hard tirelessly and spending years still not enough to reach that ultimate milestone of economic freedom?

Always remember that if we do the things which are done by many people already in the same way as they are doing, follow the same set of rules, decide to do the same as many others are doing and don't evolve ourselves then it's very much likely that even if we work a lot we are bound to fail in the pursuit to become Rich.

 Having the right ideas is the gateway to an abundance of anything you want, having the desire is the fuel to go after your ideas and making them take shape in reality which you will see them turning from just imaginary thoughts to a real-world happening.

There are 7 simple rules to simplify the process of becoming Rich

how to become rich

1. Learn how to make decisions:

The higher achievers have one thing in common - making decisions quickly and accurately enhancing their success rate. If you learn to make decisions then you are one step closer to your goal of financial freedom.

2. Must know what exactly you want:

Knowing what we want will enhance your ability to make quick decisions that favour your success and becoming prosperous. This is possible when you knowing yourself well enough to identify your own requirements.

3. The difference between "Really Want" and "Want":

There are many things which you would like to achieve but what is that something which you want at any cost and can't be replaced or compromised. You must learn how to separate things and decide what you REALLY want and things which you could compromise on.

4. Change your paradigm:

Paradigm is our surroundings, our society, the things which we are used to and we find it safe.

The paradigm most of us see is the culture in our family or in our society which many won't want to change and there is nothing wrong if we don't change but there is 1 reality which we need to accept which is no growth. 

Your elders or parents or friends will tell you not to go against something which you are not used to or break any cultural norms but if you want to grow, evolve and reach your ultimate goal then you have to become the person who goes beyond the cultural norms, set a new standard.

5. We already have what we are looking for we simply need to have the right ideas:

We have been surrounded by all the things we are looking for, all the things we want to see and experience it's already there,  the only thing we need to do now is to connect to them and if you ask how then the 6th rule is specifically about that.

6. Tuning ourselves to the higher frequency:

Most of us never reach our goal because we think too small. What we forget is everything we want is already here, we only need to tune ourselves to that frequency of what we want. If we think that there is an obstacle or limitation which is preventing us from starting with the change then that shows our lack of courage to welcome the change and a simple excuse that brings us to the 7th rule.

7. No excuse when you want change:

If you want to change your life then no excuse will help you in reaching that goal. Excuses only make you weak and carve the path to failure.

To simplify the rules further here are few words which you must remember and practise them

The 3Ps forms the most powerful base for achieving great success.

Patience, Persistence, Perspiration

The 3Ds which will conquer the greatest results:

Dream, Desire, Dedication

If you got the 3P & 3D then you have everything and will achieve anything :)

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