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Are you unable to focus anymore? feeling slow & no passion for work? Lack of will & wanting to move away from the current situation? Well if your answer is yes to anyone or all of these questions then it's safe to say that now you are hit by the ever-present "BOREDOM".

Feeling bored is understandably not productive by any means but it can pave your path to something highly valuable to you. Let's face it Boredom is a result of not having enough interest in what you are doing currently. So under such conditions, we need something that completely refreshes our minds.

Let's not waste more time only discussing boredom but also provide you with some ways which could be used by anyone to get rid of it easily with just simple strategies that work wonders in refuelling yourself with new passion & drive to work.

1. Music

Music benefits

Doesn't matter whether you are a music enthusiast or an avid song listener when you are going through a phase of desperation or restlessness & want to find some way to just relax then music can be that magic that changes everything. There is endless music for you to listen to consisting of many varieties or in a professional manner we call them "genre". So there is numerous genre of music that can change the mood, make you feel calm & dazzle you with its sounds.

According to research, music brings the following changes:

  •  Listening to uplifting music could make you happier and help you become more generous

Several types of research have shown that listening to music can reduce anxiety, blood pressure, and pain as well as improve sleep quality, mood, mental alertness, and memory.

In other words, the music turns on the whole brain. A theory is that this has the same effect as meditation. The whole brain is active which pushes out negative thoughts. This may seem to be the opposite of meditation in which one tries to quiet the brain, but the effect seems to be the same.

  •  Songs with "positive” lyrics may make you more helpful and empathic

As per studies, it has been found that the majority of people listening to prosocial lyrical songs easily realise their responsibilities which gets converted to much meaningful action towards society.

  • Song lyrics have the power to change your attitude towards people different from you

This is so important & could be treated as one of the best things that can happen while you listen to music. Having misconceptions about someone is very common this could really take a toll on your professional as well private life so knowing someone better with the help of music is something you don't want to miss.

  • Making and enjoying music may boost cooperation and connection

What could you ask more when you get to enhance your social circle through the lovely sounds. Boosting cooperation
could easily lift your career along with better connections to increase your understanding ability.

2. Practising or developing a hobby

Having a hobby

When you are feeling bored then a quick remedy could be your hobby. Yes, you read it right. It could be anything from reading a book to going outdoors & enjoying the many sights, all these help your mind to become more active instantly even you are completely out of sorts.

A hobby could be termed the occupation that brings us pleasure. Generally, all people do their jobs just to make a living &  make their life's better but not to enjoy the job. Hobby helps them with it. This is that part of life which you are completely satisfied with because you love it. One could have a desire to play a certain sport or may hold a special spot for fishing, collect stamps or coins, etc. All people have their own preferences. It brings happiness, good emotions, new communication about common interests, new friends. It all depends on our desires. Every hobby has its own advantages.

Having hobbies balances a person’s life. A person with hobbies gives an additional pressure valve for handling stress. It is difficult to be social when you are so much surrounded by money problems, work, family life, health issues, and other challenging life issues. One can say that Having the “me” time with a hobby is arguably the most beneficial therapy for managing stress.

3. Watching TV or enjoying a favourite show

does watching TV helps?

Most of the people I assume will be turning to this one when they get the boredom, isn't it? Often it is seen that many of us switch on the TV sets when we feel like there is nothing to do or just to spend our free time. It is to be remembered anything when done in a planned way then it is safe. Similarly watching TV for a limited time or you have a schedule regarding when or what watch will be beneficial for you which could prevent any boredom.

Spending too much time watching TV shows might not be ideal though it can entertain you but saying that it can act as an energy booster & has the potential to provide fresh thoughts if done properly so a little care while watching TV could yield productive results.

4. Learning a new skill

Learning a new skill

Had a dream to be artistic? or wanted to dance but didn't get the opportunity ? or maybe you wanted to write your thoughts which could have been turned into poems & stories. If this is the case then don't wait any longer because the boredom now could be used to enhance your skills & even learn a new one. Isn't it smart & wonderful to do something which you had always dreamed of but was unable to because of certain obstacles, now finally you can do it without hesitation & most likely it be a joy for you to learn that desired skill?
  • Learning an artistic skill for example painting or photography
These skills might not make you an overnight star but artistic skills are highly desired because they provide you with the technical abilities required to create something beautiful. With your own inspiration and subject knowledge, you can build these skills especially in today's world where there is a heap of free knowledge floating on the internet the only thing you need is really just a matter of technical aptitude and practice.

 Drawing grids over photographs can help you to develop your basic perspective & there are several free beginner courses available to start learning all the basics. Saying that you know it isn’t as simple as it is to read, but concentrating on learning to draw one basic thing, like flowers or the human hand, will help you immensely to learn how it works and gets in a reasonable amount of practice. When you feel ready to move on from the basics then you can start illustrating on your computer, you check out the free digital painting lessons available on Youtube or online. One can also use their artistic skills to take amazing photos.

Whatever you’re looking to learn, just set aside probably 30 minutes every day to practice a very small part of that skill. It’ll take a while to teach yourself how to draw, paint, take better photos but it will happen eventually.

  • Learning how to Make a web site, creating an app or just learning how to code
Getting into the world of coding is something most of us life hackers wish to do at one point in time, as it’s not only a great way to create cool new mobile apps or develop software that helps us in our daily life, but it’s also an incredibly marketable skill when trying to get a job.

Our world is getting more digital & it is only going to increase in the future so learning how to code even its basic knowledge will boost our opportunities if we apply for a job.
It also needs to be taken into consideration that there are many platforms now which allow us to practice coding from a basic to pro-level just for example code academy so there is no worry if are really willing to learn this particular skill.

Now apart from the mentioned list of activities, there are so many things that you can practice or enjoy to burn your boredness & fill yourself with fresh positive vibes just you need to focus on what you like doing, something that never makes you tired, I am pretty sure you have heard people saying they can do a particular task 24 X 7 simply because they love it so much, it is the same for you once you know yourself better then you can make such decisions easily & therefore one thing you can do if you are interested in self-development is trying to...

5. Learn about yourself  

learning about ourselves

A very simple yet effective strategy is SWOT analysis which teaches about your own strength, Weakness, Opportunities & Threats. This will definitely work if you are someone willing to change yourself but facing difficulty in clearing your mind.

Hopefully, all the given steps will add much-needed value to your life & prevent any kind of obstacle due to boredom. Don't forget that Boredom could be turned into one of the best gifts if focused on the right areas.

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